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What should i do about it?

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:? Hello y' all this is my 1st post, and i hope i ll be gaining a lot from this site, i have been married to my hu bby for a year now and i dont know neithet my step daughter or her mom, all i alwz hear is my husband telling me he sent money for school fees and so on, i feel line i am kot part of her life. I was thinking of calling her and tell her that i ll be theone who will be paying fees for my step daughter so that she should keep in touch n update me about what she tells my hubby since i am her stepmom n a wife to her father, what do u think? Or what should i do, they never come to my weeding by the way, i just dont feel comfortable her talking to my husband, bkoz i know that she stillinlove with him

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Leave it alone. She knows how to reach you and if she wants to she will. Unless you want her to have a reason to contact your husband even more, don't open the door up to having a relationship with her.

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I would not contact her. You don't want to give her any ammo to use later. Some of these women can really twist things. Unfortunately, you play a background role in SD's life. Maybe you should talk to your hubby and ask him to discuss things with you before he does them. You might feel more included then.

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There's no reason for you to know bm. He obviously doesn't feel the same about her so don't invite a relationship you'll regret. No need for you to get to know your step daughter either if dh hadn't ever introduced you. It's his place to pay the fees, not yours. Let him handle them.

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Thnx y'all . I hear you lourd and crystal clear, u made think twice about it and i was going to create more problems, i ll talk to my husband, last nignt he sent school fees and sent more money that needed , i was pissed not because the money but because she wont use it to her daughter, she has another daughter so for me it looks. Like my husdand is paying school fees for her too and it isnt his, i ll speak to him.

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In my opinion, you're lucky the bio mom won't bother you. They never came to your wedding? Why would you want his ex at your wedding?

It's too bad you're not in SD's life. Maybe when she is older she'll want to spend time with her dad and you.

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How often does dad visit his daughter? Is the school fee and extra $$ in addition to the CS he pays? Are you sure BM and SD know about you?

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Since we are married he never went to visit her, yes they leave in another country, her and my husband things ended not well, SD is 12 now, and yes they know me bkoz he wanted her daughter to cum to our weeding and the mother wanted to come along and he said no.

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As u said i feel like the outsider, and i guess i want to be included, my husband send school fees only bkoz she is in a bording school

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Smile Thnx a lot, i am going to focus on me, my daughter whos 5 months and my husband, if she will want to se her dad, i wont stop as long as she respect me and not harm my daughter