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what i'd like to say on her voice mail

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my DH left today to pick up his son he hasent seen in 8 months, we live in differant states so they meet half way wich is 7 hours one way,i didnt go with because #1 DONT WANT TO SEE HER #2 it gives the boys time to re connect and time alone.and #3 I work to support my children (WICH SHE DOES NOT WORK)soo here goes
Hi its just me so sorry i missed you this weekend i'm sure you were very dissapointed not to see me to. just called to say thank you for finally signing the parenting arangement papers (8 months later)and allowing my husband 7 wondeful weeks out of 52 to spend time with his son,oh yea and EVERYOTHER CHRISTMAS.
and don't you worry your pretty little head off on the 7 hour ride home they'll have a nice long talk about all the wonderful gifts you take credit for buying him and WHO IS ACTUALLY PAYING FOR,being you choose not to work how long do you think it will take the kid to figure out whos buying what for who?He's 10,now and will start figuring things out.
and thank you for taking DH back to court for MORE money because now we know there will be a nice savings account waiting for him when he turns 18, and if theres not, well i guess YOU"LL have some explaining to do because we will have proof and be able to show him how much was paid to you to take care of him. Take Care CHOW!!!!!!!

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Amen to that.

My voicemail would go along the lines of:

"Die bitch and rot in hell!"



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"What were you thinking? After five years of lieing to your girls, tell them how their Daddy didn't want them and how he chose me over them. Oh and lets not forget my favorite lie of all! Your daddy ran out on us or we would still be married.

Guess what lady, uhm I mean whore, they know the truth!!! Hahahahaha! Yep their daddy told them about the multiple affairs and about him walking in on you with another man. They know that it's true you didn't want a divorce, that you wanted my husband to move to the guest bedroom and to move your boyfriend in. And they beleave it all too because they know how you've cheated on all your boyfriends since then.

They also know that their father DID pay childsupport every week but that you used it to pay for your crap, not for them. They now know that the money should have bought them school clothes and supplies but that you always had nice things while they had hand me downs from strangers. They also know that you didn't support them from your job either, like you told them. They now understand that there was no way you were paying the bills working only two days a week.

And YOU, skank, are the one to admit to them that their daddy always wanted them, wanted to see them, and wanted to talk to them on the phone. Remeber you told them two days before kicking them out of your house.

And I know you thought you were going to have it all. I know about the lie to Child Support Services to make it so the child support wouldn't stop. Telling my husband you never wanted the girls back and telling CS that it was only till the end of May. Well guess what they know now and I will see your Whore face next month in court, OH and the girls will be there this time so you need not lie b/c they will tell the truth.

And as for the girls they love you but at the same time they hate you too. The oldest will never return to your home and she doesn't even want to see you. And the youngest is confused, but once we get her into couciling I'm sure you'll only see her a few times a year too. If you try to fight it we will sue you and ALL your dirty laundry will be spilled out for everyone to see what a true unfit mother you really are. When we are through with you you may only get to see the girls with someone there b/c they've also told us what goes around at your house. Did you really think we wouldn't find out about your ex boyfriend locking them in their room for hours with no food, or your new husband driving them around town after drinking, or even about him passing out drunk on the couch when you left them in his care multiple times?

And you biggest screw up of all.... the lose of your child support! How will you ever pay your bills? I guess you'll have to get your lazy Azz out of the bed before 11am and acually get a real job b/c you suck as a hair dresser. Hell you only make $1000 a month before taxes and booth rent! Why do you even bother working at all. I mean your so good on your back anyway why not charge for it instead of giving it away to everyone!"

Boy that was great! What a load off my chest. I would really do it but my husband and my lawyer won't let me.

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'Quit calling my husband you ignorant, trashy ho!'

whew, that feels great!

"Fortune favors the brave" - Virgil

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Crayon you said it!

I guess mine would go something like this - Close you legs and start acting like a responsible adult. Own up to your actions and be respectful to the people who were so good to you even thought you lied though your teeth about their son/brother/brother-in-law/nephew. Put the car seat base in your car correctly and make the straps on car seat fit properly so your "paycheck" does not fly out of the car the next time you total yet another car. Stop acting like the baby is yours and only yours. You were just a vessel. Stop pretending to exclusively breastfeed and admit your milk has not really come in and you use formula too. You look liked a used up hooker. (I have seen pre-marital photos and BM was a nice looking woman at one time.) Get off your ass and mow your own lawn, shovel your own sidewalk and driveway, and pick up your dogs crap. Get your a$$ in gear and get the house ready for sale like you agreed to do almost a ear ago and stop making people feel sorry for you. You are a grown and I think could be a capable adult who can take care of your own sh$t. One last thing, get used to me being around cause I am not going anywhere.

I am sure there is more but I have to rinse the color out of my hair to cover the gray. I am going for red this time and FSS's hair has a red tint. LOL

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"Thank you for being a cheating, lying,unfit wife & mother.He is being greatly rewarded by me :), everyday for having the guts to finally realize that he is better than that, and left your ass for what he really needed. A REAL LADY!" Cheers! ~"Resist all the urges.... that make you want to go out and kill." ~ Chel.