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What have been your results with dealing with CPS

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When it comes to the SKs and BM?

DH and I got involved with CPS because the kids had some horrific wounds and lice. We took them to the hospital, took pics of the wounds and lice, and both we and the hospital (as mandated reporters) notified CPS.

CPS launched a heavy investigation into BM. The kids were found to be living in horrible conditions, had poor hygiene, were living with convicted sex offenders (who we, along with CPS, also discovered were abusing the kids sexually and physically), and had poor school attendance records. We got the kids, and we got a judge to sign off on DH having primary physical and legal custody and BM getting visitation (supervised by her parents). She just leaves the kids with her parents and never shows up to see them Sad

A few years ago, I read (here on ST) about an OP from Texas saying CPS did a huge investigation into her SS BM and BM was made to attend parenting classes and do all sorts of other things, and I think the state had her SS (who was a young kid) for some time.

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Our experience with CPS was interesting. SS10 removed from BM's custody due to medical neglect. Investigation took 2 weeks and SS was returned to BM. She is still under investigation as they couldn't prove the neglect would continue. CPS told us that BM is still under investigation because she will screw up again. She will have surprise home inspections and we believe she has been required to take parenting classes but BM has been very quiet on the subject since SS went back into her care. PAS has ramped up.

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Please don't quote me here for I'm not positive. I think location is a factor when or if CPS are involved. DH and I documented everything we could, several dated paper bags consisting crusty soiled underwear (SD's) upon picking up Skids, weekly showers but sores on her head from lack of maybe rinsing or hair brushing-I dunno, visits to the hospitals upon their arrival only SD was the one seen bc SS was in better shape, before and after pictures of them, everything on paper, and Skids had urine on their clothing from their cat. CPS made a visit to BM's and the animal poop was recently picked up from off the floor but it still was a nasty/smelly situation. CPS instructed BM that they need to get it cleaned up some. They couldn't do any further bc there was no drugs sitting out, bruises on Skids, or any life death things going on. Now it if were to be like that in the county I reside in, CPS would have done more IMHO.

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Based on my personal and professional dealings with CPS, they don't do squat. I hate CPS. Unless a kid is in extreme and immediate physical danger, they don't have the time.