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What happens to custody when someone joins the military?

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Say a custodial parent joins the service. Will the custody order become irrelevant when the CP gets their orders? Is it considered a change in circumstance enough so that the NCP can file for custody?

It seems that it is more likely for the military CP to give up custody and pay child support.

Any help, answers and experiences would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!

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Nothing happens regarding custody unless either the NCP or the CP initiates a change action.

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But it's pretty likely the NCP will take it to court if the CP enlists, right?

Don't you have to let the court know if you plan on moving, or do you just have to let the NCP know. Ugh. I guess it all depends on the court order.

I have not read a lot of reports of CP keeping custody when enlisting. Lame.

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Why should CP keep primary custody if NCP is stable and can provide for the kid(s)?

Our BM is primary (joint custody) and the skids suffer for it. 3 schools in 3 years for SD8 .. formed and broken friendships. In 3 years, she will once again be trying to uproot them for another destination. My DH plans to fight it.

Difference in our situation is that BM was enlisted when they divorced .. she didn't join after the fact.

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Unless OP is married to the parent trying to suddenly enlist ... which is the vibe I'm getting. I'm guessing they're trying to figure out if this means they'll lose primary and have to pay CS.

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No offence intended, but if you join the military after you have children, you should make it a point with your recruiter that you need/want to homestead because of your children and/or join the reserves.