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At what age do SD come over less?

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SD only preteen but i hear they start coming over less and less around the age of 16 is this mostly true or false based on your experience?

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Well, I dont have a SD but my BF's S10 who he has EOWE & 2 hours every Wednesday lately seems to be coming over less. BM will text us and say that he is still sleeping or that he is going to the beach with his brother etc. My BF just says ok whatever, he would never force his kid to see him or come over.


Ultimately, the older they get the less they will come around because they will be too wrapped up with friends, parties, etc. UNLESS they are complete social outcasts and have no friends or people around that actually like them they will slowly but surely start to spend LESS time around with dear old dad.....WOOOOWHOOOOO!!! I cant wait for those days of pure bliss!!!!

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This is from the NJ State Laws about parenting time

Teenagers, generally, have reached a stage in their development of
abstract adult thinking and are also focused on the world of friends
and activities outside their home. Parenting time for these children
needs to be discussed with them. It is also important that you
demonstrate to your teenager that you are committed to them. You
need to develop an individual plan with your teenager that works for
both of you, keeping in mind your teenager’s developmental needs

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My dd is 16 she doesn't like going to her dad's (neither kid does) but I make her go eowd even though he wouldn't force the issue he acts like he wishes they didn't come but I won't have it said I interfered with him being a dad or did what I could to foster a parent child relationship. Just last week she said "you know I can't wait till I'm 18in and don't HAVE to go to dads" she's tried to get him to be a dad and care. After 18 she will give up.

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I dont know my ss14 hasnt really wanted to spend time with dh since he turned 13-he will come if he gets something out of (gift giving occassion-or we are going on a fun trip or doing a fun activity) but otherwise wont come even when directly invited and asked to.

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My skids gradually faded out during their mid teens, just continue to have the kind of rigid rules that are better suited to younger children and you will soon drive them off. The mom usually takes the hormonal scenes head-on but be prepared to be the butt of them occasionally too.