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Well...Bitchie finally succeeded

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She did it. Finally.

Back story: Bitchie has a good friend who managed to have all of her kids declared to be autistic. This friend has been living off of the SSI payments for the kids. SSI is permanent welfare, cash every month without any need to look for work or file any papers.

Bitchie has been diligently trying to get all of HER kids on SSI, too... Just like her friend. She succeeded with Princess by starving her as a baby and then convincing the Doctor to place a feeding tube in her gut when she was still an infant. PRESTO! Feeding tube equals SSI check. Princess got her feeding tube removed 2 years ago but Bitchie is still collecting that check.

Bitchie has been trying to get PeeWee an SSI check too since forever. She tried to have him diagnosed with: ADHD, Bi-Polar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Autism, Attachment Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, and Conduct Disorder. Every Doctor that she went to resisted most of her attempts to manipulate the system. She was able to get a diagnosis of ADD for PeeWee and he was heavily medicated with a large variety of drugs (most of which she let Loser sell to his drug buddies). But, most of the time the Docs were able to see through her and refused to label PeeWee as being permanently disabled....

Until now.

She called DH today and told him that PeeWees school has finally labeled him with Aspergers.


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But don't worry, if he has Asperger's odds are he WON'T be getting a check lol It is VERY difficult for someone who is an ASPIE to get one. By the way, that is just what I have heard from talking to many adult autistics, etc.

It ticks me off that I bust my ass to pay for my son's therapies and these idiots get all this free money. Yes, I could get it. NO, I have NEVER applied for it. NO, I NEVER will. I decided that labeling my son might impact his potential when he was an adult, ie. someone might think because he has an SSI check for autism he might not be qualified for a job he can probably we have ALWAYS paid out of pocket, even though it has really ruined us big time. Right now, I homeschool, work 30hrs a week, and have over 100 web pages that I have built in the last year alone trying to make money to pay his therapies. Pathetic aholes who get SSI and sit on their ass.

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Thank you for proving my point for me!

My main complaint is that Bitchie is teaching the skids to quit at LIFE... Before they have even tried!! Just give up and take money from the government and from charities instead of making even the smallest effort to be independent and self sufficient.

If any of the skids have Aspergers it's more likely to be Bubba than PeeWee. Bubba has already been (legitimately) diagnosed with ADD, a non-verbal learning disorder and a below average IQ. Bubba is the firstborn, and has always been the quiet one. Everyone in the family just simply ignores him until there is a problem. He turned 15 last week and Bitchie didn't even call him to wish him a happy birthday! She calls to ask about the CS, but doesn't ask to talk to her son. :O

PeeWee, on the other hand, is notorious in the family for being a showboat and relentlessly demanding of attention. Even DH says that he thinks that PeeWee acts up at school for attention and not because he is disabled.

So, because Bubba now lives with us she has written him off as DH's son. She didn't even acknowledge the birth of her oldest child with a greeting card until DH complained to his Mom about it. My MIL got ticked off about Bitchie blowing off Bubba's birthday and reamed her a new @ss about it. Sad, but that's what it took to get Bitchie to shake loose with a gift card for her own son (well, a promised gift card... It hasn't arrived yet).

PeeWee is now going to be set up for life to live on the dole. Bubba is left to struggle with graduating from high school so that he can find a job to support himself as an adult. Not that I want Bubba on the dole, too. I just wish that PeeWee would be obligated to work a little, too, to survive in this life.

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I think that most people on this site know the difference between someone who TRULY needs SSI and a money-hungry bitch-hoe who chose to have children for the money they can provide her.

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Since Bubba isn't living with her anymore she can't collect TANF, CS or food stamps for him. As a result, she can't be bothered to call him and wish him a happy birthday!?! Seriously?

The only reason she had kids in the first place was to collect welfare for them. She has never held a job for longer than a week in her entire life. She says "Some people like to work. I don't." (actual quote)

My resentment isn't that she is manipulating and abusing a system that was intended to help families who live in tragic circumstances. My anger comes from her turning a healthy but perhaps emotionally needy boy into another life long parasite on an already over extended and financially fragile social support system.

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There is a huge difference between having a child who is actually disabled or handicapped and what is being discussed here.

BM2 has SD9, who we have custody of, and 4 younger children by another marriage. Of her 4 younger children, she has managed to get diagnoses for 3 so far, and is diligently working away at that 4th diagnosis. She has NEVER worked in her life, and uses her kids' SSI to drug and party. She tried to get a diagnosis for SD9 by manipulating her environment as a baby, and believe me, it can be done.

It's great that you aren't working the system. Wake up. A lot of people ARE working the system.

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I am sincerely sorry. Please forgive the things that I have posted that might offend anyone here. I was frustrated and angry because I am a Registered Nurse with over 16 years of experience working with children and teens. I KNOW in my heart that PeeWee is a healthy, normal academically adequate under achiever who loves attention.

He does not need nor does he deserve SSI!

I did not intend to hurt anyone's feelings and I sincere appologize if I did.

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yes, don't apologize, we know what you meant and i hate people who thrive on ripping off SSI to get it when they don't need it.. now with that being said if the actually DO have it, then yes go for it..... but when the child is HEALTHY.....god.. i hate morons.

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I feel dizzy.What kind of parent is she?Shouldn't the police be informed about all this??

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DH tried to do that.... His Mom tried to do that.

They keep saying that there is an annual review that requires her Doctor to state that she is no longer eligible for SSI.

There is nothing that we can do unless we get CP for Princess and then tell the Government that we don't WANT her on SSI anymore. And yes... We are trying to do that!

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Call the SSI hotline and report the daughter that is off the feeding tube. They do an investigation rather quickly on this stuff. I collect for my son for a deceased Dad and they have been all over me with substantiating my income. They will get on her and you can report it anonymously....Also, I doubt she will get a dime for Asperger's. Can't be proven easily.