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Weekend Activities

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Last weekend, DS had family friends invite him on an all day outing. SD wasn't invited. This weekend, DS has been invited to a different family friend's birthday party. Once again, the invitation wasn't extended to SD. Both sets of parents are "my" friends from before DH and I married.

Part of me feels bad for any kid stuck at home while the sibling is out doing something fun. However, I'm not at all going to stop DS from going places with his friends!

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DS is 11 and SD is 9. We have SD every weekend. One family just can't deal with SD's frequent meltdowns. SD is welcome - as long as DH or I stay. The other family is having the birthday party at a place where you pay per guest, so I'm not comfortable asking them to foot the bill for SD and me (because SD's meltdowns, I wouldn't feel comfortable with her going solo). Unfortunately, money is too tight right now, we're not able to pay our way in to the party.

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I think the sooner kids learn that life isn't fair, the better.

I have three children of my own that are very close in age and they go to a very small private school. Sometimes one is invited to a birthday party and sometimes they are all invited. They have to understand the difference.

I also have SS13 who is ALWAYS invited over to his older cousins' house (age 16, 17 and 20)but my children DD12, DS10 and DS9 are never invited. The only time we made any sort of deal of it was when the cousins were over OUR house with all 4 kids and then they wanted to go back to their house only with SS. We told them if they took one, they had to take them all, or they needed to stay.

Even bio siblings will have different lives and different friends, interests, activities, etc. Sometimes another may be jealous, but that's how life is.

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I don't have any biokids, but SD6 and SD5 are rarely invited to the same parties unless it's family. They get invitations individually from their school friends all the time. There is no harm in this .. it's healthy for kids to learn they're not entitled to everything.