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"We teach people how to treat us" but does anyone out there have a slow learner on their hands?

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You can be the absolute "best teacher" and suggest boundaries be implemented, for example but if the "learner" has a processing or learning issue, then how do we "teach them how to treat us?"

Case in point: Adult SD has been extremely manipulative, verbally abusive, and the list goes on. I tell DH he needs to create boundaries. In our case SD is a classic narcissist, and pretty much the only way to remedy the drama with one of these is to go "no contact" period.

He is not buying it, and still chases after her. 

Anyone else there?

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The best way to teach is to provide rewards for good learning and punishment for not learning. Now there is a difference between being a slow lerner and not wanting to learn, the second is harder to solve.

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What I don't get with these devoted daddies is why they keep following the same pattern of behaviour whilst expecing to achieve a different outcome. I think it  was Einstein who said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

MissTexas, if you were to move out (even temporarily) what do you think he would do?