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Since we have so much rain lately I have been doing some reflecting about cuddled kids

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So I was thinking about all the stories on here about these kids that treat their parents with disrespect and their parents that allow it. How will they parent their kids? I mean will they allow their kids to treat them the same they did theirs? You know it has been all about them since they were born so does that man they will continue to have others still treat them as they were 5 including their kids? I think what I'm trying to say is that they expect the world to revolve around them and would never let anyone treat them like they treat their parents so why would they let their kids treat them bad?
I'm just seeing their attitudes that no one will walk over them and would never let their kids treat them they way they treated theirs. First it would hurt their little feelings if their kids said anything nasty to them or treated them like crap so why would they let them?
Does any of this babbling make sense?

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No, as people age there is generally wisdom and experience that comes with that. I can tell you that I was not a coddled kid, but I wasn't a princess either. I think all of us gave our parents some sleepless nights as we were growing up. I know that as my kids started doing some of the same things me and my siblings did, I seriously began to understand where my mother was coming from. I always thought my mother was competing with me for my father's attention. However, as I watched my own kids and stepkids, I realized that my mother was trying to protect my father from

Kids have a very different perception of events than adults do. Sometimes I wonder if my mother and I were at the same events. However, as a child, I know I took away something totally different than she did of the same event now that I am older and can understand a little better how an adult mind works and what types of things adults think that a kid wouldn't necessarily think of.

It really is the circle of life. Everyone can be told a thousand times what to do in any given situation, but they really have to experience it themselves to truly understand.