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I'm livid and have never wanted to just walk out like I do now!!!! This last week I told my husband I would be disengaging from SS10. It was SOOOooo liberating two nights ago when DH asked for my opinion about SS's slacking off in school. I threw my hands up and said, "I'm not doing this." And silently mouthed to DH "not my kid." Both DH and SS became dead silent. I got up and walked away. If felt freakin' awesome!!!
Other little things have come up when SS is home alone with me (DH has had to work late bc he is a control freak at work and won't just leave). Normally, I would've handled it, but I decided to tell SS he had to go to his room and wait until his father got home to discipline him. When DH would come home, I would make him go upstairs and talk with SS. He got upset with me the third night SS was in his room. Opportunity arose and I told DH "well, if you want things taken care of differently, come home or find a babysitter for him."
The weekends are the only time I really get to be out of my house. I work 10 hrs a day from home and can't really leave. DH texted me today that he would have to work tomorrow because they were short staffed. I asked him where SS was going to go. I immediately get a text that says, "what?!? Why can't he stay in OUR home?" I told him again, "NOT MY KID!" He says, "I have to work, I am the only option, would you like me to lose my job?" LIVID!!!!!!!

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I'd have said back to DH "I'M not his mother and what would you do if I weren't here to babysit YOUR kid while YOU work anyway?"

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A 10 year old should be able to stay home without your supervision/entertainment.

I wouldn't leave mine home alone all day, but if DH is only working a half day or so, it should be ok.
Can your DH compromise and do a half day?

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What would he do if you weren't in the picture? What did he do before you?

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Will have to compromise, apparently. I plan on leaving him at home for some time.
I don't think DH would work if I weren't around. It's so frustrating!
I don't know if DH is testing me to see if I will give in or if he is just not getting it! Either way, I'm mad. I just want to send him a text that says "my family is having issues, gunna be out of town dealing with drama. Gunna trust you to figure out what to do with the kids!" UGH!!!!!