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Vent! I hate her

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This is a vent!!

Right now grandson is having another epic meltdown because Ms Perfect let him down. She decided in late January after a nasty fight where she was told her was nothing more than a incubator that she would take the kids 3 days a week. So far she has only managed to accomplish this once.

She had them from 6:30 last night. Dropped them both off this morning at 8AM. Telling the older one she would pick him up after work. She decided to go out with her friends instead.

Listening to him cry is killing me. Her continuing to put her drug boy and friends before the kids is hurting them. How can either of these boys grow up to be good loving men when the one person that they should be able to trust, the one that gave them life doesn't want them.

No matter what we do, how much we love them, the fact she doesn't want them will have a huge impact on loving and trusting anyone.

I know there will be a day she has to answer to them. Maybe that day she will beg and plead to be forgiven like her son is begging and pleading to see her

I hate her. And today I really, really want to smack her

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you have to go to the blog session and start looking for BSgoingon... blogs, she handles this like a pro...

her SS and his BM, her BM sounds like this boy's mother...

All you can do is be there for him when mummy disappoints him, eventually he will see her for what she is and refuse to go with her....

but yes... hate the mother ... she's damaging a child that never asked to be born