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Vent here!

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I saw a post from a while back... Where stepparents (with and without bios) just vented all their frustrations! No care or remorse, because it feels GOOD to get things off your chest, and sometimes it helps you see things from the bigger picture! I don't see any active posts similar to this, so let's get one started!!

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Really? You don't see ANY active posts where step parents are venting their frustrations?

That's what this whole site is dedicated to.

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Yes, I see them. But they're all specific to certain topics. Rather than writing a new one, I thought we could all just say the things we're all thinking. Jeez, sorry.

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What I meant was... Can we all say what we WISH we could say to BM/SS/SD if we knew we could get away with it!

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Stop fishing....

Start your own vent OK???

Why do you want people to put their personal feelings in writing? Dont you know this is all fake. Your on the wrong site Ma'am/Sir.