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Update on SD11 and school - Advice?

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So I had mentioned that SD11 had 12 missing assignments due to excesive tardies. DH did the assignments over winter break and she was supposed to turn them in today. Called the school to make sure assignments were submitted - SD11 has 29 tardies and 13 abscences and to top the cake - she did not show for school today. Hmm... dropped her back with BM on Wednesday, Talked to her yesterday and she was in perfect health. What do we do? DH wants to call CPS but I don't think they care since she is not being beat. We'd take BM to court but ain't got the $5K retainer the lawyer asked for. I feel helpless.

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Call CPS and the district truant officer. Get them all over BM since she is the CP. Some states have laws that require CPs to ensure school attendance and can fine or even give the CP of a persistently tardy kid jail time.

Put her ass in jail if your state has these laws.

You don't need a lawyer to call CPS and the truant officer.

Have fun with this one.

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Call your state's Division of Family Services, or whatever they call it where you live. Call a representative of your kid's school district. Call the principal. Call the teacher...

They'll care at her age...

We have a student in my school where I work in a similar situation, and a group of teachers have started a "carpool" to pick up the child and make sure he gets to school each day...

This is considered parental neglect and measures can be taken against the mother...

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UPDATE - So DH, BM and SD have a meeting with the Principal this Friday. The counselor will be there too (appearently SD has arrived to school so upset a few times that she has had to go to the counselor before class, SD says she is embarrassed to walk into class late. Counselor says SD is unmotivated nad has low self esteem. She is the eldest of four (2 BM. 2 me and DH) so I am afraid she feels lost in the shuffle. I'll keep y'all posted.

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Sounds like it is time to file a Civil Rights charge against BM since she is denying her children the right they have to attend school

Fry her ignorant ass. It is the only way to get toothless morons under control.