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Unemployment & Child Support

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My husband filed for partial unemployment since his hours were cut at work due to the whole covid 19 thing. So we got his first 'notice' of payment (should be in bank tomorrow) however they took over 3/4 of it for child support (which he pays his ex), BUT his regular job is paying that - so WHY are they taking MORE from his unemployment. Her amount is set per month and so far he's getting just enough hours at work to pay that and our insurance. WHY??!!!

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Because they are assuming that he doesn't get paid anymore. It's an error, basically. Not sure what you're chances of getting that handled or fixed right now will be. You might have an overage you have to deal with cs office about. 

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He needs to contact unemployment and tell them that CS is still being paid from his employer. The only way that I could see that they still take it, is if he has arrearages...

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If the only income is unemployment direct withholding of CS is standard.  Apparently the moron low end bureaucrats in the CSE office are not the most intelligent people in the world.  Call them immediately over this. They need to fix it now and reimburse DH ASAP!

Sadlly this is not unusual for these morons. When my parents went in to the SS office to initiate the payment of their SS benefits they were told by the idiot behind the counter that a PassPort was not an official form of ID and they needed to provide a different form of ID.  My dad was stuned by how stupid everyone he spoke with in that office was.  He ended up giving them his amd Mom's DLs  just to shut them up. The next day he took in dozens of pages from various Gov't web sites clearly stipulating that a PassPort is the only form of ID that establishes ID, employabilitiy and citizenship.  They just stood there drooling on the counter with blank stares as he reviewed the Gov't information with them.  No applogies, no recognition of cerebral activlty. Just blank stares.

Don't expect much out of the CSE morons. But... don't let the idiocy continue either.