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TTC, DH's "activities" Adult content, as vague as I can be

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DH and I have been married since May and we are TTC...trying to conceive. I feel like it'll happen when it happens, and we should "try" more often than normal, but not get too crazy with it! DH feels that we should be joined at every possible moment....several times a day! Sometimes this is fun, most of the time this is just a lot. I even got a book that answers the question,"Is more better when TTC?" and it clearly says more is just more. I shared this with DH, but he can't be persuaded. He is VERY excited about having another child. He can hardly contain himself. I am excited too, but I guess our approaches are a little different. ANYWAY we HAVE been active several times a day for about the last two months...except of course during that time of the month. Long story short we do it all the time. So last night I was having a hard time sleeping. DH doesn't require much sleep and rarely goes to bed with me. So I get up to read for a bit and as I go into the family room to get my book, DH is "spending sometime by himself". I quietly backed out of the room and went back to the bed. He did not know I was there. I do not care if DH "spends time by himself", I also spend time by myself occasionally, but something about it set me off! I just layed in the bed, seething mad about it! I can't explain why it made me so mad, it doesn't even really make sense! He's just been pushing so hard to do it AlL the time!! I guess the thought that he would waste it, was just too much. Has anyone else been through this? I don't feel as angry about it today, but last night when he came to bed I could hardly stand to have him touch me! I feel like a loon!

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Thank you and I totally agree! I saw the screen, it wasn't anything unusual. Multi person party like event. And I know sometimes the mood just strikes!! and I really don't care, there was just something about it, that made me super aggitated!!

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I have also heard that it dilutes his "stuff" if there is too much sex (or manual stimulation). I think since you are so actively trying to conceive, I would approach him about it. It may be an easy way to ease in to the sex addiction conversation.