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Trying To Be The Bigger Person

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Since DH and I were dating over 8 years ago his ex girlfriend was always crazy insane. We have been married for almost 8 yrs now. My ss just turned 9 and the craziness hasn't stopped. We have done everything we could to get a long with her, but it pretty much is impossible. It has now come to DH and BM went to court and the only way she can contact him is text and if she wants to change anything she has to petition FOC and they will inform DH and if FOC approves and will enforce it then DH will agree. This has happened, because she has done nothing but harass us, lie, manipulate, & anything else you can think of to screw us over. She got married last year and things really haven't changed. She had asked DH before court if she could have our Fourth of July and our week in July this year, because her husbands family was coming into town and they have never met her or SS. DH didn't agree to this. I said it would be nice ss could met them. However he knew not to agree, because we have agreed in the past and she would never let us make up the time. So, after FOC hearing she gets a letter from the school that says they recommend summer school that will change our weeks in the summer and she wants him to go. FOC told her she had to petition them and the judge would have to look it over. If they don't approve it and enforce it mind you DH won't sign it. Since number one she is moving him out of this school next year. (He has been to four different schools already and his is in 3rd grade.) Number two it's recommended not required. Number three it falls during the time that she wanted him. If FOC enforces it she and the school is required to give them proof that he attended every day. Since if effected our time and the time had to change. So, instead of going to FOC when DH picks up SS she asks (mind you she needs to be texting per FOC only way to communicate) if DH will sign off on summer school. He said no petition the court. She knows all the rules, but yet can't even keep straight what weekends and holidays are hers. Which is so frustrating considering she only has one child!! So, we have been waiting and waiting next weekend starts our first week of summer. DH has been going to FOC weekly to see if she's petitioned yet. He spoke to the supervisor that told him that she has not and that if those are not turned in by June 1st they won't be approved. Second, if it is only recommended the Judge 9 times out 10 doesn't approve it. So, DH texted BM saying you never petitioned the court. BM says you said you'd sign it. OMG! She is nuts! Then goes on Facebook and has the nerve to send me a Friend Request! Seriously! Are you joking. I blocked her obviously! Then I had people telling me she was on there bad mouthing DH and posting texts that she wanted to post of the conversation. Saying he was being neglectful to SS education. OMG! She texted DH and said she doesn't care what FOC says she will not give him and of SS report cards or test scores from school. How do you deal with someone like this. She seriously acts like she has mental issues. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions!?

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Congratulatons to you and DH for owning BM's idiot ass. Keep up the good work. Stick with the CO and working everything through FOC and the Judge.

The most effective way to deal with the idiot toxic blended family oppostion is to role up the CO and smack them with it when they step out of line. Figuratively of course though literally would be even more fun.

All IMHO of course.



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From experience I would just say follow the agreement to the tee. And when she wants to argue just send pics of the agreement for her to reread it for herself. The moment when we realized we didn't have to make deals or favors with BM was blissful. Doing them favors usually just causes problems and you almost never get to make the time back