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Truth or Drama?

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So do I believe this or is she faking it? On Thursday night my BF told the SD 19 that I was going in to have surgery on June 23rd. I’ll be off work for 8 weeks to recuperate. Not sure exactly what he told her but she seems to think it’s a big deal. I’ll be off all summer they can take out more if I don’t have to go back to work :)! So on Friday we are at my biosons testing for his taekwondo belt and he gets a text from her….she fainted at work and wants a drive. Well she had to wait until my son was done testing, sorry but I’m not leaving in the middle of that. I end up being the one to pick her up and give her a drive because the BF had the van loaded with stuff and there was no room for her. I picked her up probably 45 minutes after she called….sitting in the curb eating an apple happy as a pig in sh*t. So I brought her home where she then proceeded to clean out the fridge as usual. Yup real sick that one was. We then pack it up and head out to the cottage, she stays home because she had to work the next day…she wouldn’t come with us even if she didn’t anyway. The next day around 1 my BF gets another text from her. She fainted again…oh wait ok I didn’t faint again at work but I didn’t feel good so I had to go sit down…ok by this time I’m thinking why in the h@ll is she texting him about this? What does she think he can do when we are an hour and a half away? So Sunday we head home. She tells her father she’s not that hungry because she’s been snacking all day..OMG understatement! The girl ate half a huge container of ice cream and 2 pounds of chocolate chunk cookies since Friday night. Snacking my ass…pigging out more like it! Ok so then we cook supper and ask her if she wants some….of course she does…it’s already cooked and she doesn’t have to do anything but eat it. So she comes in the kitchen, “oh I don’t feel good” goes in the living room and plops her butt on the couch, them comes back into the kitchen (we’ve been eating already, as she waited until we were for a more dramatic effect) sits down and starts fanning herself….ok so when we don’t give her the attention she wants she grabs her fathers hand and say’s ‘feel my pulse’, she’s fine, no faster than it should be. He doesn’t react so that was the end of it yesterday. So now today she’s called the doctor and wants her father to take her there tomorrow. He can’t so I just know he’s expecting me to do it. Trouble is….I think she’s faking it all for the attention. She knows I’m having surgery and her father is giving me attention and she thinks she should have all his attention focused on her at all times. Do I believe her or chalk it up to her being the drama queen she so much is? So has anyone had skids do this to them? Any input or feed back would be great!

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"chalk it up to her being the drama queen" and totally ignore her.

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DRAMA QUEEN FOR SURE!!! what a little brat.. and at age 19 she is an adult, and as such can go to a freakin doctor appointment BY HERSELF!

So glad that your dh didnt fall for it!

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I would say, sorry I have previous plans made and I can't cancel....SD is 19 and should have no problems going to the doctor by herself...she after all is an adult. And MAKE plans so you don't have to take her. She is being ridiculous!!!

By the way...hope your surgery goes well.


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maybe he/she will tell her to quit being such a pig , and start eating like a human. Maybe these "sugar-induced-dizzy spells" (LOL) will pass!~"I'll get you my pretty...and your little dog too!"~

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No social life at all. She has a few friends but most are back where she was going to university. The one she does have in town is working as a stripper so you see the kind of people she attracts. The last 'normal' boyfriend she had broke up with her because she was weird....I kid you not his exact words. He's not the only one I've heard describe her this way too and believe me the girl is strange. I think 12 is too old to describe the way she acts.

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I would be way too busy to pick her up any more - she is a legal adult and you have plans. Hope your surgery goes well

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That's what I thought too. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't alone on this one. BM called her last night and she started..well I made a doctors appointment but no one can take me. Dad has something else to do that's too important...yeah like work!! He has a 4 hour drive to make today coming and going...he's going to be on the road most of the day. I think she almost asked me this morning but I have a 13 hour work day today so she didn't bother. She knows I won't leave work to come and get her.

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she needs to grow up ! I have the same experience with sd . SHe wants all the attention when she is with us. God forbid her father gives attention to anyone eles! Makes me want to see 100 things to do for help there!