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Too 'sick' for school too 'sick' to babysit

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Let me start this post by saying that I know A LOT of you would disagree with what I have agreed to. But, it helps FDH and my situation.
That being said I have agreed to take SD ON BM's time while she goes to school... She couldn't hold down a job after her last certificate, so why not just blow more money to go back to school for ANOTHER piece of paper to hang on the wall?
Whatever, that's her thought process.
ANYWAYS, so I have been watching SD from 8-2ish while BM goes to school, or whatever she wants to do between those hours.
She text me today, saying not to take SD to Perschool... she's too sick.
So I sent her back, If she's too sick to go to school, she's too sick to go to a daycare. (which is ultimately what I am)
Sorry BM, I don't want my kids to get sick!
FDH agreed, and BM is pissed... SORRY BM, time to step up and BE mom for a day! If SD doesn't go to school, neither do you!

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Good for you. She can look at it like this, if she were working and the kid got sick at school she'd have to leave work to go get him. She can suck it up for a day.

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Totally agree with you! You're a good egg for watching SD (for free!) when it's not DH's time. But leaving you with a sick kid would totally be taking advantage of you, I can't believe BM even considered it when you've got other kids in the house!

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I would rather watch SD for the two days we don't have her than pay for someone else to watch her on BM's time. (CO says we pay half of Daycare, Though FDH would unknowingly pay for all of daycare)
BUT, BM text me yesterday AFTER she dropped SD off saying that SD Wasn't feeling well, She seemed fine to me, Running and playing, coughing a handful of times. But its a season change, all the kids have a little cough. I felt her head, No fever, and she sure wasn't acting sick.
BM told me to give her cold meds, and Tylenol, and cough meds... I just told her okay.
But I didn't give out meds to SD... Why give medicine to a child who is not sick?
So when she texted me this AM saying she doesn't seem better.
So I said, sorry then BM, I can't take a sick kids when it's not FDH's CO'd time.
If a daycare wouldn't take her, why should I?
She was pissed, said that she would find someone else to watch SD from now on.
Okay. Find someone else. Not a game changer for me. = )

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Ugh! You know, I almost added something about that. I don't like this trend some parents have of keeping their kid "home" from school for colds... as long as THEY aren't inconvenienced! Fever, yes, absolutely the kid should stay home (and the CP should stay with them), but a cold? Get the kid to school!

My SIL and BM both do this, and it's maddening. The amount of school those kids have missed.... SIL was actually warned by the school that if her kids missed any more days CPS would be called. (BM didn't let her kids miss *quite* that much!)

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I'm shaking in my boots!!
FDH has already told her that he would NOT pay for daycare on her days anymore... We don't use daycare when she's home... so why should we pay for it? (she's home 4 out of the 7 days of the week.)
So if she gives up FREE childcare because I don't want a 'Sick' child to care for on top of my other three, let her pay for childcare.
It's a Win Win in my case! lol

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Good for you!

And on a side note, what is with these BM's and their "school"? SD's BM went for some certificate, but didn't pass the final exam for her state cert and "can't afford" to take the test again. And then she went to beauty school...then dropped out. At least she's finally working though...

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"Beauty School" dropout. Now I'm going to be thinking about that Grease song all day. LOL.

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You are right- there is no way I would provide free child care for bm for any reason.

I do watch sd when dh has to work on his day and he is off, but I feel bm should take sd those days (we have ALWAYS taken sd when bm had to work and sd doesn't have school).

You know it is highly likely she would qualify for free child care if she is unemployed and returning to school, right?

Anyhow- that out of the way Smile I agree. The child is sick, you have other kids at home, she is going to have to suck it up and miss a day or make other arrangements.

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at least your BM finishes adn graduates.

My BM has tried THREE TIMES for an associates degree, and has failed out all three times. at a community college.