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Today is Our 3rd Anniversarry, and I Love Lisa more than ever !!!

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Just wanted to remind everybody that it can be done, even with all the stress and Issues...


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Big hugs to you both!

~ Anne ~

"Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other." -Walter Elliot

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Thanks for the reminder too. It came at a pretty good time. So how do you plan to celebrate?


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CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WHO DO THIS EVERYDAY!! The bio factors sometimes forget to say it to you all so I'll tell you even if it goes unsaid years from now these kids will appreciate that you didn't have to care or love them but you CHOSE to, I still am thankful everyday that my SM fought to be in my life even though I was the one she was fighting. THANK YOU AND YES I'D GET MYSELF A TROPHY IF NO ONE ELSE DOES. I'M on 10th and dh has recently truely gained appreciation for all I do w/our bio son and Darling sd so he shocked me w/ gorgeous necklace from my Stepmoms estate...THOUGHTFUL!

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I am happy for you!!!! My DH and I are working toward our 3rd also. Will I get an award or trophy????? I deserve SOME thing LOL!

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Fiftieth is gold, twenty-fifth is silver... I think the third anniversary is paperclips or something. Maybe a happy face sticker. We had our sixth in December and the gift for the sixth anniversary is wood. Yep, wood. Hubby went charging off to Home Depot and bought some, full of glee. (HD is his FAVORITE store.) However, he did make me a gorgeous set of picture frames, into which he put photos of me with the kids, so it worked out. I was hoping that the seventh might be real estate, but apparently, real estate isn't even on the list! Sad

~ Anne ~

"Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other." -Walter Elliot

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I have to admit, that even with all the orneriness, grumpiness, and well... crap we've dealt with, some on a daily basis...

I still love my husband!

We have to remind ourselves that all the uncomfortable, stressful, unhappy moments are what gets us to each of the good times that we take snapshots of. Open up any photo album, and ask yourself, where are the sad times? Not many in a photo album, but without anything in the middle, we won't have those fabulous great happy moments.

Congrats! We're working on our 3rd as well... but in total been together for 7 1/2 years now! Woo hooo!

Wink StepMom

Man has the intelligence to change his life,
Sometimes, he just fails to use it...

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De inimico non loquaris sed cogities.
Hope your anniversary is all you desire it to be!

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I have not been on a lot lately~ CONGRATS to you!!!!!! Hope it was a good one!

Daddys Gurl-

Life is as sweet as you sweeten it.

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I love hearing happy news. Thanks for sharing.