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Time with skids to time with own

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It's been a while since I have been on with you guys. Many things going on with me being overseas.
I was transfered to Afghanistan for business development a few weeks ago.
My wife is great with my kids, great to her own. That being said, it is baseball season.
The weekends that my wife has all the kids (3 mine, 1 hers) is going to be difficult. Her son is
heavy into baseball and will eat up time with the skids. It has even been discussed not to have
the skids come over during baseball season, skids left at home alone or just taking one of my
three with her to the games/practices.
All my kids love her and look forward to being with her. Now, when it comes to my son playing
football, she doesn't always take the same approach.
Mind you, I have 3 to her 1. I have full understanding how difficult it is and have been very
mindful but need some advice on just how much understanding to have.

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You really got to give her a break. She is taking on a lot, by herself. She probably feels like her son should get a little one on one bonding activity, and it is HER kid. She sounds like she tries to be very fair, but she isn't your kids mother. Their own mother should be the one trasporting them to their sporting events, shouldn't she? I think it sounds like she's doing what she can Smile You're lucky!

"Nobody will ever win the battle of the sexes. There's too much fraternizing with the enemy"

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This may seem harsh but I feel that my BSs come before my SD. I do my best for her however, when push comes to shove for time I take BSs. SD has her own BM to take her to things, BM usually shows but if she doesn't I can't help that.

I do my best as a SM but can not neglect my BSs needs from me as there mother.

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Wow, 4 kids are a lot! She might need a spa day to herself!

I guess this question would depend on how long you all have been a blended family. Why does that matter? Well I think the longer you all have been together, the closer you all will be as a family and the steps may want to be there to cheer on her son. I won't have this issue because by the time I have a baby, SD's will be almost in college, but I can imagine my birth child will come first to me, as would anyone's. Being careful to not "play favorites" would be the hardest part for me in her situation. But, if she thinks they can all get along and no one will be resentful, then she should have them continue to do things together.

Another question - would you be going to SS's games with your Birth kids if you were in the country?