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They are coming for their week - feeling a sinking feeling already

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Well, the next six days start tonight at 4. Can't wait. Over scheduled SD who will magically have a ball tournament 2 hours a way on Saturday and Sunday, and when we tell her no her grandfather has taken it upon himself to email my husband and tell him he is a c***sucker. God forbid the Beverly Hillbillies have anything better to do than load up a cooler and watch girls fast pitch. Can't wait for the deprogramming, the attitude, the fights, and the filthy feet all over our couch, the trash under the bed and piles of laundry that magically appear since, God forbid, clothes are put away rather than just picked up of the clean laundry pile and recycled to the laundry room. Thank GOD my husband is the disciplinarian because Lord knows, I am the evil stepmother. Never mind the fact that all I want to do (Including changing my entire work schedule) is accommodate them...... so my SD doesn't have to walk home from the bus stop, and can have a hot meal before her practices that are 7 days a week 45 minutes away. How will i get thanked on Mother's Day? By getting yelled at that I dont want to sit in some God forsaken middle school field somewhere from 5 am until whenever. Thank God for wine Smile

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I get the same sinking feeling every time SD comes here! I told DH that I do NOT want to even entertain the idea of Mother's Day. I don't want anything to do with it. The whole Stepmom thing has completely ruined it for me.

I thank God for wine every single day.

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I get the sinking feeling every other Sunday when SD8 shows up for her 7 visit. It's like the minute she walks in and opens her shitty little mouth all the air is sucked out of the room. However my BD11 is the academic one who is involved in church, sports, and scouts, and SD8 can't be signed up for anything because BM lives 30 minutes away and says she is too "busy" to take her to anything on her weeks. SO SD8 whines and complains because my daughter and I are always gone and one the go and she has nothing to do. Sorry kid, too bad your BM is a bitch and doesn't have time to take you anywhere to actually make friends.

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That sucks Sad I have a BD16 who I am so close with ....I think SD gets jealous because BM treats her like a 6 year old mouthpiece. Has her in softball 7 days a week and completely ignores my SS who gets sick for attention and is allowed to quit an activity he wants so the schedule is easier for the softball cult.

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Why do you have SD on Mother's Day? We always swapped that day and father's day.