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There are no winners...

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First, a confession - I have posted here before under the user name "ownedbypedro".

Just wanted to let everyone know that, after 5 years of living apart, I filed for a divorce that will be final in about 3 months.

Maybe I'm weak - maybe I hold grudges, maybe I've just had all I can take -- but 26 years of marriage will be undone. Husband has ADMITTED that he "didn't so much ever love me" as he needed someone to raise his two devil spawn sons - who were 12 and 14 when I inherited them from their mother who decided she didn't want to be a mother anymore.

Oh the stories I could tell - but they're all already here in one way or another in all of the other forum posts. Thank you for letting me just come here and let it out.

I don't want to discourage anyone or be anything but useful here. But...I can't help but think, as I read your posts, that #1: I never should have done it (except that I have an amazing son out of the deal) and #2: I'm so happy that I'll no longer be a step mother to those two.

My husband is alreay on hunt for wife #5, who will have to put up with his greedy "daddy pay my bills for me while I spend all my money on games" son #2 and hear things like "love, how's come theres a wrinkle in one of my shirts"? And put up with skid #2's three out of control sons who have no rules and no discipline?? LOL...did I mention I never should have done it?

Regrets? YES! That I didn't have more guts to stick up for myself all those years and say "MY HOUSE, MY RULES", etc. and demand respect that I deserved.

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Im glad you stood up for yourself..and are out of it now... Better late then never.......

IF SD dont leave or wise up.. i can say i'll be heading your way too...:(