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A Thank You

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Hi StepTalk Friends,

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate this site and your kindness and support over the past few months. Finding this place was like a parting of dark clouds that allowed the sun to shine through - people who UNDERSTAND!!!

This site gave me a safe place to literally dump all the past hurts and anger and pain and helped me a lot in the process of letting it all go and moving on. This is where I found out about some wonderful resources like the book StepMonster and others that I will reference in the future if I an EVER crazy enough to even think about looking twice at a man with children. Beleive me, that is NOT the plan!!!

I'm checking in to let you all know that I won't be visiting with you anymore after this weekend. The ink is about dry on my divorce papers I WON'T BE A SM ANYMORE and I'm in a good place - ready to let it all go and move on.

As some wise soul here once told me "they can't hurt you anymore." No truer words were ever spoken (or typed!).

All of you - take care of yourselves, you are amazing women (and men) who have a lot to offer others who come here feeling like nobody will ever understand their pain and frustration, anger and sadness. Best of everything to all of you!!!

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CONGRATULATIONS on earning your wings and being free to fly!!!!!!

I only recently found this place and agree fully with what you said about it being a wonderful resource and about how much everyone here has to offer.

I hope you come and visit and share all the great things you get to do on the weekends you would normally have had your SK!

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Congrats on the new chapter in your life. You should still visit though, your seasoned advice is needed!

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You are sweet to say so but my "seasoned advice" doesn't exist. You see, I DON'T KNOW HOW to deal with what you ladies deal with. After my own children were grown and on their own, I bailed on my situation because I couldn't take it anymore -- with ex-dh's adult son being a constant drain on our relationship and our finances --and yes, that being because his father allowed him to be.

So my "advice" would be GET OUT - and maybe that isn't best for everyone - ??? Again, you are very kind but I have NO answers, NO helpful suggestions, NO solutions.

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I wish you all the luck and love in the World.

Be well my friend. Enjoy your new found freedom

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We sure will miss you OBP! And you did have advice - great advice. Do NOT Put up with the BS is great advice. Leave if you must - you will survive and thrive. These are the messages i heard and they are wise and helpful. I do hope you reconsider and keep posting because some of us SM may be ready to take that final exit but are scared and insecure. Reading posts by a strong SM such as yourself helps boost us up to be strong and couragous too. Best wishes to you always!

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Your courage has lead you to a new journey! That is so exciting no more of hiding in your home you get to be free!~!