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Texts from husbands ex-wife

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My phone is out of commission until tomorrow when I'll receive a new one so I took my DH's cell phone to work (he has a work phone he can use). His EXW just sent :

Happy new year early
I hope you and the babies have a great night
With each other and I am going to call them on your
Phone for the new year so please let them answer…
Its been a rough year for me and you so I hope
This next one is a lot better xoxoxo xoxoxoxo 
I am not making a pass at you but I still think about
You and hope you are happy and I just miss the fu*k
Out of you sometimes and I hope you still have
Some love for me because I always will for you!!!!

This shit drives me CRAZY! My husband laughs at it but it REALLY bothers me. He ends up getting mad at me because he thinks if I fully believed that he loved me and has zero feelings for her, that I wouldnt let this shit upset me. I just dont know how to handle this shit anymore. Yea I guess I am a little insecure. She sends stuff like this ALL THE TIME to him and it just gets old.

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Seriously uncalled for.

I doubt he would think it was so funny if one of your exes still had the hots for you and let you know it on a regular basis.

She needs to get some self respect. I would cut my fingers off before I would send crap like that to somebody who's married to someone else and obviously doesn't want me.

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If YOUR ex were texting things like that to you, he wouldn't like it one bit.

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I think I would continue the texting in a way that led her on. Just a little. See where it goes. And then reveal to the twat waffle that you are the one she's conversing with. If only you could be a fly on the wall to see her face when she realizes that it's not her ex but his wife. But I can have evil thoughts like that from time to time.

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Not yet. My husband usually ignores all of her messages unless it's directly about the kids. I dont know if i want to respond like i'm my husband " I've had a great year. Got married to the love of my life, bought a new house, I'm happy etc .." or let her know it's me and that she's pathetic.. or simply ignore her all together. She's pyscho so I know any response I send, she'll come full force back. I've become some what of a pussy when it comes to dealing with her. She'll go for the jugular in a second flat and I just dont have the strenght for it any more. I almost feel like letting her win because I'm so physically/mentally sick of her.

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I would have to respond... I would respond with something like this:

"Hi BM. It's SM. I have DH's phone today. I will pass him along your message. However just so you know I think it's totally Inappropriate."

Maybe she will be embarrassed......

Normally I am not one to feed into BM and the crap but something like this I would have to respond to.

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He ends up getting mad at me because he thinks if I fully believed that he loved me and has zero feelings for her, that I wouldnt let this shit upset me.
Whoa!!! Passive aggressive much. That is such a load of crap.

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I fully 100% believe I am my DH's one and only love & #1 in his life. However, NOBODY, man or woman, young or old, is going to disrespect my marriage. I went off on BM for it one time so badly she is scared to look me in the eyes & I would do it to any other lil floozy that tried to make a pass at my husband.

But what can I say, I'm crazy. Lol

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Why is BM still allowed access to texting if she can't handle it? SD6's BM is crazy via texts/emails. She curses, types in all caps, exclamations, texts 100x a night, whatever. We blocked her texts. No issues at all from her, she isn't comfortable saying crazy things on the phone & by the time she logs into an email account to send it I think she rethinks it & doesn't.

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My husband's ex has been blocked too because she can't keep it to the What When Where about the kids. It has solved so many problems, I can't believe we didn't do it earlier on.

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Search online keywords "signs infidelity". Until he starts showing those signs stop worrying about it.

Next reply, on his phone, a message from you, sign it in other words, telling her to knock it off.

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Our BM texted my DH 4 different "FW" Valentines messages last year. No doubt, she was in a pill-induced stupor, as she typically is.

We laughed our asses off. Well, I did. When she does shit like that, I think he gets embarrassed for ever thinking she was a good idea.

He didn't respond by text. He didn't make a special phone call, but the next time we went to pick SS up, he confronted her. He confronted her in front of me & SS. LOL!

I believe his exact words were "Why in the hell would you send Valentine's shit to my phone? Don't text SHIT to me anymore."

She claimed to have no idea what he was talking about & he pulled his phone out & showed her where it came from her phone & she'd typed messages to go with each one. One said, "To you, DH, from us 3". One said, "Forever" & the third one said, "To you, DH, from BM. Luv u" & the last one was "From your always family".

She was red in the face & still denied it, insisting that SD must've done it.

Needless to say, he's received nothing from her since.

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As soon as my husband got home from work he grabbed his phone and gave her a piece of his mind Smile he told her he's blocking her number because of texts like that and that he doesn't love her and told her to take a hint. Her being the narcissistic piece of work she is responded with ' lol I don't want you like that and you gross me out' in so many words. She truly is psycho. Also my husband doesn't find joy in her 'passes' he's just MAJORLY passive and thinks ignoring things are best. I'm the opposite Smile

While all this was going on we received an email from our lawyer containing a motion he's about to file requesting her to stop harassing both of us and some more shit that will chap her ass:) I wish I could see her face when she gets that letter in the mail. }:)

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Sorry, was stuck on earlier page, didnt see your DH had taken care of it - good for him