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Taking a turn

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Hi everyone

So things are taking a turn, for better or for worse, don’t know yet. The story is, BM got into BIG trouble, so big that she could end up in jail with her husband. So SS4 is going to live with DH and me, and to be honest, ICAN’T WAIT! I don’t have any children of my own and to have that little boy come live with us is going to be great for him, for DH and for me. SS needs therapy for what BM and her husband did to him and best of all DH and me have to pick up the broken pieces of that 4 year old child, and thats maybe the worse part. Finally I don’t have to be in the middle anymore when it comes to SS, BM is out of the picture now. I know it’s going to be difficult at first but I’m willing to try. I just want to share this to all of you and let you know that there is a silver lining around every dark cloud and if you are willing to make it work, do it. That child’s needs are more important than your needs. I’m not saying put yourself at the bottom of the list, I’m just saying be the best mommy for that child, the one he or her never had. I’m sure there are cases like mine out there, that’s why I’m sharing.

Take care of yourself and the ones you love for we are women, we bend we don’t brake

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I understand what you're saying tog. But for a BM who lives in someone else's backyard, no education what so ever, no income, her husband also no income, its going to take a very very long time. Sure she is going to fight for him, me and DH already decided, even if it takes months years to have full custody of that child, so be it. And another thing, for her to confess to her crime only makes her case more weaker than it already is. But truth is, "reality".

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There are other ways besides money and courts.

My BM is same as yours, only not married. LIves with her step dad, doesn't work, doesn't have anything. She alienated the skids with her mouth. She is the type that just never stops. She goes on and on about how she was a victim and she has no money b/c I took their Dad from them (she kicked DSO out for another man and then he had full custody at the time).

This woman screwed up YSS so bad, he will never be normal and even though he wants to like me, he refuses to allow himself to have anything but hate for me.

I hope that you two are able to build a good foundation with the boy and that she isn't allowed to see him for a long time.

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FDH and I just got custody of SS11, BM and her husband were also doing things that got them criminal charges and all kids removed from the HH. Though you have gotten custody, let me warn you that BM may not just disappear and life go on. I figured that's the way things would go with us but was wrong. BM was required to go see a psychologist from the court and two months later is playing the happy-go-lucky BM who is going to be compliant with FDH and try to help out with her son as much as possible. COMPLETELY different woman here.
I don't expect it to last but let me tell you it is super frustrating for SS11 to go visit mom for a short period of time and see what a *saint* she has become since he's been gone.
On a more positive note, congratulations on getting the kid out of a bad situation and into your home that will clearly be filled with positivity and love - exactly what he needs. Smile