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Suggestions for summer vacation hell...

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Per DH divorce agreement DH gets three weeks EXTRA with the step demon during summer break. DH  Usually takes a week during June then July then August. It's pure living hell for me. Now in the past I've taken off for those weeks BUT this summer I can't.

I have a 14 year old dog that requires daily medication and care. DH is not " fond" of dogs and basically tolerates the dog for me. He would probably maybe care for him if I asked For those weeks BUT would complain and would not care for the dog like I do. Plus SS Demon is a selfish brat who does not have tolerance for animals so I don' trust him Around my pets for extended amount of times Unsupervised by me. 

My dog has always been there for me so I need to make sure I'm there for him. This being said I need to have ideas how to deal with these step brat weeks if I can't go away. I can get away for a day but that's about it. Suggests on where or what I can do to occupy my time when step brat is over those three weeks?!!

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I am assuming you are talking about taking time off and going on vacation yourself to get out of the house to avoid the full time invasion.

And I'm assuming that you are saying because of your dog you don't feel comfortable leaving him at home.

I have a few suggestions that might work.

1.  Do you have a trusted friend or family member that might be able to host your puppy in their home? barring that could you look into a "pet resort" that might be able to do that for you.. maybe not for the full week.. but a longish weekend to cut your time at the house?

2.  Have you thought of looking for a VRBO or AirBNB that might allow pets so you and the puppy could go together?  Again, maybe you can't do full weeks.. but a long weekend maybe each time might cut your 7 days down to 3-4.

3.  If you absolutely cannot take time off work... maybe look into some intensive class in crafts or excercise or cooking or something like that that may meet in the evenings those weeks.  Again.. if you could do at least one or two nights of the classes.. then maybe plans on the weekends that keep you out of pocket.. you reduce your time.

4.  Get yourself set up with some cocooning material.. some nice wine... some shows to bingewatch.. books to read and catch up on.   make scheduled calls in the evenings with distant friends and family as a distraction.

5.  ENCOURAGE your DH to do things with the child out of the home. suggest THEY go on a vacation.. camping maybe? fishing?   Find some activities he can take the kid to in the evenings.. weekends.  Look for daycamps in your area to see if there is one that the boy could attend during the day.. then in the evening.. make sure that your DH goes out with him at least a few times.


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Hmmm what to do? Do you mean about your dog?

IF you can not take your dog to work...I would call around for Puppy Day care. I would make dh pay for it too. OR snatch it out of the account then stash it. Snatch and stash Wink

Your VET may have a service like this...our's does.


We had two pets injured by a skid. One of the pets died a week later and the other needed vet care.