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Stepkids and their toys and shoes

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We got a puppy and stepkids can’t seem to grasp that if they leave their shoes, toys, blankets, everywhere the dog will get them. We got the dog several months ago and he has been taking their stuff in his mouth for several months now yet they cry whine and complain when the dog gets their stuff and tell me to get it back for them. Very frustrating for a 5 and 8 year old.

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I guess when they lose enough of their stuff, they'll start picking it up. Natural consequences. They're plenty old enough to pick up after themselves.

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They are old enough to get it and basic training for a dog is to learn to let go of an object when told to do so.

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But, a puppy that is several months old should also be learning to leave things alone. Is he teething? Does he have lots of toys and bones to chew on? Just some basic obedience can help with inapropriate chewing.