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Step son & step DIL have ban me

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Remarried now 15 years after being widowed. Situation with Step Daughter in law cause me and my daughter to be ban from all Family gatherings/birthday parties etc. I have apologized many times but they didn't accept. My husband ( his son & daughter in law) sided with them. I have little communication,no respect.. nothing!!! 
love is lost and it's been 2 years so we are heading for divorce!!! I can't live another week being shamed!! Do you blame me?

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I urge you to talk to a lawyer, protect your assets, separate finances immediately if possible. Do not be afraid of asking for spousal support and half the marital assets. You have done nothing wrong, you shouldn't feel shame. 

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I wish you have have posted what happened between you guys but I can take a guess.  I too also was widowed when I married a second time.  Adult SK's (especially adult SD) treated me terrible from day one.  I didn't stand a chance in hell to at least be cordial with the cretins.  Husband stayed silent while I tolerated BS for three years.  Then finally, I stopped waiting for my spouse to stick up for me, stepped up and ripped adult SD a new one.  DH was horrified lol but boo effin hoo.  Husband's spawn were losers then and still losers well into their 30's.  Never had to lay eyes on that fat cow again.  Been over ten years.


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I was talking with my daughter,His daughter and his sons wife regard his health issues. Daughter in law went and told her husband that I attacked her during the conversation. My husband sided with daughter in law instead of ME, my daughter and his daughter.... My husband did not support me at all... I tried for a year... he went hunting for 3 months!! Miss 2 of our grandchildren Birthdays Party .... I am done... I am 67 years old and would rather live by myself!

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I fought and tolerated SK bullcrap for 12 years. They dealt one last blow and I removed myself from anything to do with them. Haven't seen them in 3 years (Feb 18th was my anniversary date for that BS ending). One of them is getting married soon. Had the audacity to send me an invite. Put that right in the trash. But my DH has backed me in my stance unlike yours. 

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What idiots like this lack is the intelligence to recognize that by blocking and banning you they are doing you a great favor.

Good riddance to them purging themselves from your life.

Remind your blessedly STBXH that it is his failure to control his shallow and polluted gene pool that cost him his marriage to you.

Enjoy your new life adventure.

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Thats a narc right there. Making things up to attack you and get rid of you. Well, you were obviously with the wrong person. Time to cut and run and get thee to lawyer!

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Your shithole DH sided with the Skid and wife.

DH went hunting for 3 months. Dang it what a baby.

Time to leave this toxic mess disguised as a marriage. 

One day you will look back and say Thank gawd I am out of this crap.