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Step-parenting resources (LGBT and otherwise)

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Since I'm new to the whole step-parenting thing, I was wondering if you lovely people had resources to recommend? Books or articles or websites or what have you. Anything with an LGBT focus or component would be an awesome bonus, since there seems to be precious little information out there for those of us who are forming really non-traditional families!

Thanks in advance!


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Thank you so much!



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You're very welcome. BTW, the second site linked.... is looking for an editor for their gay/lesbian site. If you or someone you know is interested. Just sayin'. Smile

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Here are a few that I hit fairly regularly when we were in the active parenting stages of our blended family adventure.

As for the LGBT element of your question. I personally do not believe that sexual orientation has any more bearing on being a viable parent than genetic participation in the children does. It is also my personal belief that sexual orientation nor gender have anything to do with being a viable life partner. Parenting and partnering is about action and behavior and not about genetics, sexual orientation or gender. These are topics that have far more to do with character than biology of any kind.

All IMHO of course.