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Step daughter wants everything she sees!

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SD12 has always been the type who wants everything she sees.  The novelty tends to wear off very quickly and within a short period of time she no longer gives a hoot about said item.  This has been going on ever since she was a toddler.  She lives with her mom and we see her every second weekend.  This weeks coveted item is a stick.  Yes, a piece of wood.  DS9 and myself went for a walk earlier in the week and he found a lovely stick lying on the ground under a tree.  He took it along on the was the perfect height for a walking stick.  He peeled off the bark, and wanted to take it home.  Once getting it home, dad helped him sand it down and DS painted it.  So today SD12 comes over and immediately sees the stick.  "What's that?  Where did it come from? What park did you find it at?" Later this evening we went for a walk and the entire time she's walking off the trail trying to break sticks off healthy trees.  DH tells her to give it up numerous times.  Then for the duration of the trip she's just randomly repeating "stick!"  Like, want a god damn stick.  She is like this with everything.  Every single item DS has that she doesn't have, she wants it!  It could be something she has never shown any interest in before....but because he has it and she doesn't...she immediately wants it.  She comes to our house with a bag full of random crap every time she's here.  DS couldn't give one care about her stuff.  How do you handle this kind of behaviour?  I just want to tell her "you don't need to have everything you see!"


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is she a gold retriever.... hahah I spit my iced tea out my nose I laughed so hard.

She's just one of those kids that has to have everything anyone else has... no matter what. Don't let it get to you. But feel free to play her game... if you buy the family dog a chew toy... get her one to and let her know that you were thinking of her and knows how she gets upset when someone gets something and she doesn't...anything will work... if you buy athletes foot cream... get her a tube too. Hemroid cream may be a good gift. What's important is that she doesn't feel excluded... that she always get something that someone else. Good luck! 

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I would tie the loss of something important to her to the behavior you are trying to kill.  This crap would drive me insane and I would have to deal with it for my sake, and the sake of the kid who the toxic SD was targeting.

Don't explain beyond "No!" when she asks, followed by..... "we have talked about this, go get the (favorite toy).  You will not have it until this begging for everything  you see stops."

Lather.... rinse..... repeat until she knocks this crap off.