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State by State CS ending ages

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I posted this in a thread recently and thought it might be useful to make it a stand alone Forum topic.

Remember, your CO or Divorce Decree trumps the State CS age stipulations.  Know your CO, know your Divorce Decree, know your State regulations and supplemental county/jusdictional rules.  Don't sign anything without fully reviewing and if possible have your attorney review it first.  It seems that pushing for CS to aign with the State age out guidelines is for most States one of the better positions to take when fighting a CS initiative. 

Since most States are 18, that gives the NCP autonomy to support their failed family children at their own discretion after the kids age out from under the CO.

IMHO of course.

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From my reading its 18 AND graduate from high school. SD16 SMPS turns 18 in May and graduates (hopefully) in June. Ive told him this and for whatever reason he STILL thinks that he will have to continue CS if she goes to college. Im like "no sweety, its graduate from HIGH SCHOOL. And you better make sure she doesnt FAIL!!!!"