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State by State CS ending ages

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I posted this in a thread recently and thought it might be useful to make it a stand alone Forum topic.

Remember, your CO or Divorce Decree trumps the State CS age stipulations.  Know your CO, know your Divorce Decree, know your State regulations and supplemental county/jusdictional rules.  Don't sign anything without fully reviewing and if possible have your attorney review it first.  It seems that pushing for CS to aign with the State age out guidelines is for most States one of the better positions to take when fighting a CS initiative. 

Since most States are 18, that gives the NCP autonomy to support their failed family children at their own discretion after the kids age out from under the CO.

IMHO of course.

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its 18 AND graduate high school. So I told husband "haha better make sure she doesnt fail or you get to keep paying Toxic Troll TT maintenance..."

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HCBM PAS'd one SK into living with her full-time, to get CS. Child was an A-student.  HCBM convinced child that they were so smart they could quit in-person school, take the virtual curriculum, graduate early.  Child wanted freedom so fell for it.  Then discovered the virtual curricullum was boring.  So quit.  Told SO that she was taking a gap year (in high school!).  SO still had to pay CS because not yet 18.  Then she signed up for GED and slow walked it for 3 years.

Meanwhile, other SKs were under a 50/50/no-CS CO.  HCBM went to work on them, trying to PAS. One turns 18, moves in w/ her full-time because she'll let his gf sleepover. Within in 24h, she tells SO he has to increase CS.  He says nope, you gotta go through the court system to get the CS changed.  Not gonna do it without a court order.  If child is too expensive for you, child can stay here 50/50 again.  Her lawyer says it'll be too expensive relative to the short amount of time until graduation. She doesn't go to court, doesn't get extra money, and kid won't leave because of gf sleepovers, so she's on the hook for food etc (those teens can eat a lot of food!).

HCBM tries different tactic with next kid: get kid to flunk out and move in, then slow walk a GED long enough to make it worth going to court.  It worked once before.  How to get him to flunk out: lets kid skip school during half of her custody days.  Didn't work.  SO held his feet to the fire and lobbied the school to overlook the excessive absences. 

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It's 18 and graduated in KS (where SS lives too). He turned 18 last months so we are just counting down to graduation now! 

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We are still a ways away. And Husbands work is planning on retiring next year. I told him that still he will be on the hook for child support even if his current job goes away because they know he is capable of making X$ income.