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SS Living with grandma

Really annoyed stepmom's picture

Over the weekend both SS (8&9) told us that SS9 is “living with grandma because he doesn’t want to stress his mom out by him fighting with his brother.” she picked boys up late again last night and took them home and 30 min after they would’ve made it home we got a call from their grandma saying SS9 left his backpack in the truck and we needed to email him his agenda for the next day. We asked why she’s dealing with this and she said “ I’m just doing what I’m responsible for.” And later told us that SS9 has been staying with her because he’s had a couple of rough weeks. When asking Biomom about this she of course stated that she has no idea what he’s talking about SS9 is with her getting ready for bed. At the same time grandma says that SS9 is with grandma and SS8 is with mom because SS9 just wants to stay with grandma. My SO is asking why she is lying about the situation and wants to know why his son ( whom we have been fighting for custody ) is living with his grandma and not his dad if his mom doesn’t have him. Her response was all lies saying none of this is true and finally the infamous “ stop harassing me. Get over me” every conversation with her about the boys turns into “ stop harassing me and get over me” it’s been 8 years since they’ve been divorced. SO has never harassed her or shown any sort of anything for her to say Get over me. What do we do? It’s not right his son is living with grandma, but she is completely insane and can’t get any straight answers from her and cannot comminucate with her at all. Still terrified of the court system, still feel like dad won’t win.