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SS is like a Feral animal...

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AnywaysSupposedly based on A diagnosis by a therapist who sees SS once a month he has ADHD along with mood Disorders. I Personally think it’s BM who pushed for all these diagnosis because she wants Special accommodations for her baby boy who is just a spoiled monster. Anyways this kid acts like a Freaking wild animal. SS is in 6th grade but acts like a 7 yr old. He runs through the house screaming chasing all the pets(cats/dogs) jumping on furniture. He has NO “inside voice” and makes the most Annoying high-pitched whistle and noises. And his laugh oh Jesus. Think open mouth...LOUD.. over everything. He has ZERO maners.   Picks his nose and either eats it or wipes it on my Furniture. Chews his food mouth wide open. The worst part is he’s SO loud,loud, LOUD and he stays up till midnight sometimes 1am with DH. I am laying here now at 11:30 listening to him bang around after DH and SS knows I’m trying to sleep! We have a large house but when SS is over it seems tiny. WTF is wrong with this kid???? How do the kids at school not make fun of him??? 

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i disagree. My 7 year old uses tissues and knows that she'll get bit if she chases the pets. 

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So, does your DH parent him? I didn't see mention of that. Even if he does have ADHD and a Mood Disorder, he can be expected to follow basic rules.

He probably does better in school because he knows there are rules there that will be enforced. Sounds like your DH allows it to be a free-for-all in your home, and BM does as well in hers.

How sad for this kid.

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DH walks on eggshells with the brat as he’s afraid to piss him off and have the brat run back to BM. BM has DH BALLS. 

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To avoid drama, not confront ss with his unacceptable behaviour and obvious lack of manners, then say hello to my current ss20 who has no manners, answers back, excuses for everything and not doing what was asked of him

the most annoying line hubby gave me when i told him this was just unacceptable was “i want a happy life as it was always high conflict and fighting with the exwife”, so basically hubby acknowledged and enable ss behaviour to continue and reassured him this was perectly fine when not and i said it was very selfish of them both to behave this way and expect me and my 2 kids to just accept it, “some husband you are!!” Was what i said, that was the wakeup call for hubby that this isn’t a healthy normal life to live

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Absolutely unacceptable. Can you pack your sh!t and leave and tell your idiot husband you will go on dates when his feral demonspawn is with his mother and you’ll consider cohabiting when his son is 100% launched and never moving “home”?

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2 years later I wonder if anything has changed in the kid's behavior? If the discipline strategies aren't working and you feel like your child is out of control, you might need to reevaluate your approach. You can start by talking to your child's pediatrician. Don't view discipline as punishment. Discipline may feel as though you're punishing your kids. Some kids try to attract attention through unruly behavior and in the process they end up getting out of control. Speaking about feral animals, at you can find help in removing bats, rats, raccoons, snakes, squirrels, or other wildlife.

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My SS acted like a wild animal too.  I had to help watch him since he was 3 years old..he will be 18 next week. His BM tried her hardest to get him diagnosed as Highly Functioning Autistic. ..but didn't care to tell anyone that she gave him an adderall pill when he was a baby, and made him miss 87 days of school in his learning years.  After she divorced my Husband, bc she's psycho, she got pregnant from another guy, and married him and had 2 girls..Somehow her daughter also got an adderall pill. Hmmm.  She divorced him too, for no reason but her being crazy and selfish. SS17 acts just like her..hyper, mood swings, mad when he gets in trouble for lying or sneaking.  When you are nice to him, he starts doing stuff behind your tripping my daughter or taking a toy away from her..just anything to show dominance.  His therapist said he doesn't have Autism..he has a bunch of other mental problems. I'm assuming he has Bipolar and ADHD like his BM..bc she has been actually diagnosed with those 2 things..we have the records bc they had to be used in court.