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SS’s weekend...need some Coping mechanisms. What do you guys do???

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I can "disappear/Tolerate" SS's week day dinner visits because it's only for a few hours a couple days a week. It's the whole Friday after school till Monday morning every other weekend that is KILLING me. As soon as the brat gets here on Friday he starts in with his Screeching animal noises NON stop and running through the house. If that's not bad enough he is extremely rude and Disrespectful to me and has no problem telling me to shut up. I can ONLY spend so much time locked in my bedroom and even then I can still here him screaming and yelling. Unfortunately due to Covid my Options are limited on what I can do on the weekends to get out of the house. I don't have any family or friends local I could go visit. 

What are some of your Strategies in living with a step brat you can't stand? 

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Personally I would never live with a kid I coudn't stand.

Take your house back. Stop hiding in your room. This gives SS power. Set yourself up in the living room on the big TV. Everytime you hear a noise turn up the TV. When SO wants to know why the TV is so loud, tell him you can't hear over SS. Do not cook, clean, babysit or do anything for SS. If he is rude to you, inform SO and let him deal with it. If he doesn't them you have an SO problem as well. 

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I demand that their bio parent insist on good behavior or I will make sure the child is well behaved myself. If that isn't an option I would move out and probably end the relationship. 

About 20% of your life with your partner, in your own home is so unbareable for you that you hide away in your bedroom like a teenager avoiding their parents. If your partner cannot address this adequately then they not worth it and it won't improve. Move on. 

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Yep, this. DH and I would not have made it if he had allowed his kid to act like a wild animal, causing me to hide in my room all weekend.

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Happily, I no longer have this problem. If I did, I would employ the following:

(1) A really good pair of noise cancelling headphones that connect wirelessly to the main TV;

(2) A well-functioning remote, so that you can stay put and not have to abandon your

(3) Strategic sofa-hogging postures.

Order out for pizza with your favorite toppings if no one seems inclined to cook dinner.

If anyone complains, tell them they're imagining things.

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Get him to entertain the ss in one area of the house, or take him out. And repeat the next day. 

Failing that you go out for a long drive, walk or to the shops ? Do you have other children? I take my dd out 121 one day and the next hubby takes both or entertains ss here. The most I do now is tolerate the family meal