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Sports and such

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Does anyone else have issues with BM (or BD) not taking school or sports seriously? My DH is the coach of SS7 baseball team and she is so lazy and has never been an athlete in her life so she does not see the importance of him excelling at whatever he chooses to do? Slack practices? "He is just a kid". Sad face sent home from his teacher at school? "He does not need to be punished for that". So once again, my DH is the bad guy and is too hard on him and my wicked SM wart is showing! She does not know what hard work is and is completely content with being mediocre that she almost encourages him to be 'just ok' at things when he has the potential for greatness!!!! SOOOO OVER IT!

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Same here. Since she hates sports she would never show up to anything that either ss or sd did. She would not help get them to practices or games, or help pay for anything either. She also didn't feel that practices or games were a committment that they had made to their team, so if they were with her she would offer them something she thought was better to do instead.

School is pretty much the same.

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No, she's actually there, but will complain if he is yelled at/motivated by the coach. He is usually late and unprepared (no cup), but fresh from a nutricious pre-game happy meal. I wish she would not go. She tries to act like she knows what she is talking about and sounds ridiculous. He gets in trouble because he does not practice at home and is not prepared. But yet, it is the coaches and my DH fault!! We would be happy to handle all of it. Grrr!
She shows up there and at school functions and thinks that is "doing her job".
Sorry you are dealing with similar crap!

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ohhhh yesss i hear you! i played competitive sports my whole life and played soccer in college- so i am kinda hardcore when it comes to sports. BF was also a competitive athlete. his son is very good at sports and loves to play, but BM has never played a sport in her life and has this relaxed outlook on it all- shows up late for games, misses practices, etc. BF was away one weekend and his son calls him crying because he didn't play a lot in his baseball game- when he called the coach to find out why the coach said- well he didn't show up to practice this week and came 2 minutes before the game started. BF was furious! he called BM and reamed her out- he was like you always seem to get SD to girls scouts and dance lessons on time- why is this any different? i think she got the point- i did tell BF that it is also SS responsibility to make sure he is there when he needs to be- if that means calling a teammate and getting a ride bc BM sucks, then so be it.

its also really funny to hear her attitude about it all- like it doesn't really matter and it's all just for fun so why is BF sending him to camps or putting him on better teams so he becomes a better player- she just doesn't get it and never will. i think if you are never an athlete you just have a different mind set- maybe i am too competitive. we all have our weaknesses though, i know i will never get the whole ballerina, tap dance, cheerleader thing that his SD is into...but i would at least encourage her to be kick ass at whatever it is she decides to do...and get there there on time Wink

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Are you kidding.....My BM hasn't even been to one school function for SD12!! it is crazy!!!!!!!
My DH has always coached....everything!!
SD played soccer for 2 years in Middle school - she went to 2 games.....2!! BM hasn't gone to one concert they put on at school. And she didn't go to open house EVER!!
SD didn't make the team after she went to practice (which we had to pay extra for) I picked her up and she told me she didn't make the team......her BM didn't even call to see how she did....

We have had her for 2 year....SM is a piece of sh*

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allgirls- i don't care if you are 7 or 17- when you make a commitment to join a team then you should make every effort to be at practice and games. imho, i think as a parent i would be teaching my child a bad lesson if he didn't go to practice because he didn't feel like it or whatever other excuse kids come up with. if you don't want to go to practice or don't want to go to games, then don't play next year- but you will finish out your commitment you made for the season because you are the one that wanted to sign up. should it be fun? of course it should be fun, just like school should be fun, but that doesn't mean you don't work hard.

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I have to agree with Serendipity. Children are very impressionable and if you teach them at a young age they do not have to honor their commitments or give it their 100%, you are just teaching them that they are more important than the rest of their team, giving them an unjustified sense of entitlement. If 7 years old is too young, then at what age are they not too young? When they are 10 and all the other children have already far surpassed him in ability because they weren't allowed to skip practice? Then he has to work twice as hard playing catch up or not make tryouts because mommy didn't feel like taking him to practice? Sounds like alot of fun.

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I really believe that sports are imporant for a lot of reasons. Teaches kids commitment and responsability. There letting the team down for there lack of commitment. Also shows that you just can't quit because there bored or don't get there way. My son plays rep lacrosse and hockey so were busy 4 times a week plus traveling all over the damn country. WEre in ontario and going to New York next month for a field lacrosse tourny.
But both his dad and I discuss to make sure that "WE're up for the commitment.
Also I think sports keeps kids active and the majority stay out of the drugs and off the streets so I think its worth it to spend the time and a lot of money to keep him going with them. Theres a lot of values taught there.

My Sons 10 and has played rep sports since he could. Not that we think he's the next gretky. But definitly for the scholorship possibilties more for field lacrosse.

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At that age I would only agree to a rec team that focused on having fun.

The intense sports can wait until middle or high school.