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Social Media Blocking?

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I run a couple MLM groups from my personal FB page, and I accidentally double posted so I got banned. I had to create a new account to use for groups in the interim. BM has had me and DH blocked for years. Neither DH nor I have her blocked. 

Well one of the group's I'm part of is our local area "gossip" page. Basically people recommend places or complain about places. 

BM is a house cleaner and about 2 weeks ago I'd seen her tagged in a comment on that page. (I'm also looking for a house cleaner but obviously can't hire her ha ha). 

Anyway, I made a post in the group from my alternate account asking about a local venue. I noticed today she was tagged in another cleaner post and her name wasn't highlighted, so she's blocked my second account too. 

I just think it's weird, I've never looked at her profile- her photos and info are ofno interest to me. Do you think it's more for her benefit, so she doesn't have to see me? 

She hates me, so it wouldn't surprise me


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BM here has me blocked too (I confess that I did occasionally look at her page). I think they do it because they want to believe we are so fascinated by their lives that we stalk them constantly, when the reverse is probably true.  I didn't block her because I wasn't playing her petty game, but I did tighten up my privacy settings so she can't see anything except my profile picture.

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So if someone blocks you they can still see your profile but you can't see theirs?

i am blocked by BM, my exH and his wife and numerous friends that I had before my's all very strange. Funny thing is that my DH is not blocked by any of them. Lol

But SD17 has a FB and BM found out that she was friends with me then went snooping on my page and then yelled at SD for being friends with me and then made SD friend her on FB. SD has like 5 friends, as the kids don't use FB. She friended me to see the pics of DD2 her half sister on my page. 

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Yes, I can't see hers at all, it's like she doesn't have one.  But unless I block her, she can see mine. I never post anything anyway.

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BM likes to pretend that I don't exist. She doesn't use my name when talking about me to DH (she'll say, "I don't want your wife around SS" or something like that). When I testified in court she wouldn't even look at me or ask me any questions. She blocked me on FB a while ago, and I think it was to help her keep up the illusion that I don't exist lol.

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BM nor I have one another blocked because we are both on the SKs' friends lists. If DH wants to post something relevant to our side of the family, he posts it to the private family group we set up. That's where my SKs can wish me Happy Mother's Day or Happy Birthday without the BM seeing it and going off the rails. Other benign stuff, neither BM nor I care about one another seeing.

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I have no idea if BM has me blocked; i couldn't care less at this juncture. I permablocked her and her rotten relatives and SS eons ago, retroactively, proactively and prophylactically. 

It has nothing to do with pettiness. It's self preservation and me enforcing boundaries. I find BM and her relatives repugnant and revolting and I don't allow people like that into my life at all. Ever.

I have standards. My life is a lot more peaceful for it.

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Why care about her at all?  The % of SParents/2nd DWs and DHs who give an X any space in their heads, whether their own X or their SOs X is mind boggling to me.  

When they stay under their slime covered rocks at the bottom of their shallow and polluted gene pool I don't give them a thought.  When they crawl out to manipulate and interfere, I bring the pain until they crawl back under their rock.

Lather..... rinse..... repeat.

Quit giving her space in your head and do not worry about whether or not  you are being petty.  She is the one who blocked you.  Be grateful and get her out of your head.