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So DD15, DD16 and SD15 all have a tiktok and begged me to join so that I could folow them, so I did. well SD15 kept telling on DD16 for lip syncing songs with curse words in them. So I told DD16 to block her. I could care less if DD16 curses as long as it isn't infront of adults (out of respect). So now that SD found out I told DD16 to block her, SD has now blocked me! HAHAHAHAHA


This seriously made me laugh SOOOO hard!!!!!

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Only thing i really worry about is how she's going to turn it around about how rude or  mean i was for telling dd16 to block her.  DH doesn't know i told dd to block sd, maybe i should tell him so that sd doesn't try to "get me in trouble" by telling him what i did. I just hate how she tries to make other people look like the bad guy. She's seriously so toxic! She's literally trying to turn my 15yo against me over this already. 

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This is not worh  your time or DD's time.  SD-15 is blocked so it is now a non issue.

If SD tries to escalate be ready to deal with that.