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So what do you ladies think of this?

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back story on this - dh and I have been married for almost 8 years and in the first few years I tried to be nice and civil to bm even took the kids out to buy bday parents and christmas and mothers day and stuff. However it became very apparent that bm was out to be the nastiest person to me and my kids. to the point of her trying to get my son arrested and accusing him of molestation. I NEVER EVER tried with her again!! During this time bm would cause hell on fathers day bdays and christmas just to make them miserable on dh.

Fast forward when we picked up the boys for father;s day week end they had a cake for him!!!????

So would anyone else be wondering what in the world is going on??? Now let me say that she still tries to make our life hell. So what is up with the fathers day cake??

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First thought carefully

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It was a store bought cake. But never the less, I asked dh why all of a sudden she would send a cake? He said that they got in to a fight here a while back and he told her that since they have been divorced not one time have the boys called him on his bday or any other special day nor have they gotten him anything. He told her that it was HER job as a mom to do those things and remind them as they are kids and need to be taught. He said that he told her that I started off doing those things for her even would let them get presents for her from them but after what she did to me and my kids that stopped. But he did tell her that when he has the boys and it is her bday he will remind them call her. All he is asking is the same from her. (I knew nothing about this fight til he told me fri.)

So they came baring a cake for dh! He was so happy and feeling so wonderful from that cake which he rarely does so i let him have his happiness and they enjoyed the cake.

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That's great. She took what he said to heart is trying to make a change. Hope it lasts.

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I hope it does too but I'm not holding my breath. I'm glad that he and the boys had something special. Dh was over the moon. Happy it turned out so good.