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So SD has moved back to BM after only living with "fiance" for less than 2 months!

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So much for SD's marriage that they planned for April when they got engaged back in December after dating for two months! Yeah like that was ever going to happen with two people who have never lived on their own before and had no idea about bills and jobs! Surprise, surprise...they've been arguing. The fiance saying she doesn't contribute her share and him endlessly complaining about his job, his first real job. SD moved back in with mom but is apparently still dating the "fiance" although the fiance no longer says he's engaged on his profile just "in a relationship" with her. Oh and SD apparently wasn't even paying her share of the rent, her mother was paying it! SD will be 21 in a few months and has no idea what it's like in the real world. Apparently she's working a job where she only brings home $400/month! What kind of job is she working?? Even if it were only at $10/hr, that's like 10-12 hours /week! And if it pays more, then that's even less hours/week! She's not going to school so what the hell is she doing?? Of course when things go sideways that's when she calls DH. The only time she calls him. She proceeds to tell him all about the issues and of course his first thing is to say "Come up here. There's plenty of jobs and I can find you a place to live". It's never "Work things out down there" it's immediately rescuing her and telling her to get away from everything because life will be so much better up here.


God she's going to be 21 and was going to be married but she barely works, doesn't go to school and has no idea about bills and H feels so badly for her that she was "never given the tools" to get by in life! . But damn she looks good with that money she does make becasue it all goes to getting her hair dyed a different color every few months and loads up on the makeup!

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Let the idiot go live with GUBM. Better than in your home. Remain vigilant that no adult skid ever resides under your roof.

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Waaaa, waaa, waa.  The end.... or sadly.... just another step of making poor decisions and not learning from the outcome.

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Who knows what the hell is going on! Last night the boyfriend or fiance or whatever he is now, posted a Facebook pic of him and her sitting down to a dinner he made at their apartment. She was all cozy in her pajamas.  So maybe she moved out for a day and now has moved back in??? Whatever the case, this relationship isn't going to last if they are already arguing so much that she moved out briefly and now has maybe moved back in and is so volatile that they keep starting and stoppoing their "engagement". They've only been together 7 months. Can't wait to see where they are at at the 5 year mark. Oh wait, they won't be together!

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Apparently the moving in with BM only lasted a couple of days. Now she is back with him. Alas though, he had to go out of town for 1 month to lay asphalt out of state. His 30 days are up tomorrow. I can't imagine how they are surviving becasue before this stint, he had to go out of town for 3 days and he posted how it was the first time they had been apart that long and to "wish them luck". Bahahha! His post this morning ws to SD and it said "You are my today. All of my tomorrow, An all of my future, for I will love you till the end of my days." Oh SO dramatic! Especially for a couple who couldn't even live togther for more than 2 months before SD had to up and move to BM's for a couple of days because of the arguing!