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So How Did The Counseling Session Go With FSD(6)

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Well I think it went well for her. She didn't want to go, refused to talk with the councelor, and basically sat out in the waiting area coloring. Very productive for her. I really don't think that she needs counceling. She needs disapline. She assults another kid at school, then she goes to bed early without a movie on the weekend. She steals from another kid at scholl, then she goes to bed early without a movie. I know it doesn't seem like much, but believe me it's life ending to her. FSD(6) behavior stems from her crazy BM and her personalites disorders. FSD(6) is a bully that needs absolute control over everyone just like her mother. This can be fixed without counceling.

So who do you think wanted to do this. You guessed it BM. SO and I had to sit in the room with her and talk with the councelor. This was torture to me. Having to listen to all her BS. When the councelor asked how the bio parents communicate she made it a point to let him know that I was upset because she did persue SO while he and I were dating and that SO lead her on and that FSD(6) has a tendency to lie about things which she didn't really realize until after a major incident. Then she went on to tell me about how great I am and how she couldn't have wished for SO to meet a better person and thatI am a great mother and a great step mother. Then she tried talking SO into dropping that email only comunication so she can call him to talk with about the kids.

What I would have like to have said to BM,

"I find that really hard to belive BM. The major incident that you are referring to is calling CPS on SO and filing false child abuse allegations on him 6 weeks ago and why you keep referring to it as the major incident instead of telling the councelor what you did is beyond me. And when he emailed you asking you why you never called him first to talk with him about it you emailed back and told him that you can't trust him anymore because of the other influence in his life, meaning me. I find it hard to believe that your opinion of me has changed in just 6 short weeks. As far as your persual that your're referring to, that's an understatement. You called and texted SO about getting back together constantly even after I moved in. SO told you no in very tactful way everytime and you still wouldn't stop. You have had your father call SO and ask him to get back together with you. You called SO's mother bawling trying to get her to talk SO into getting back together with you. You called SO bawling about not letting me move in. You had your father call SO and ask in not to move in. You have sat outside the house at 3 am. You have shown up at the house when both SO and I were at work, this list can go on and on so I am not understanding where this leading you on thing is coming from. When you were told that I did not feel comfortable with you interacting with my BD(6) without me being there you took it upon yourself to go down to her school and have that interaction with her on the playground anyways which was witnessed by the neighbor girl(11) who said that your interaction was strange and made her feel very uncomfortable and that you were asking my BD if she wanted to come over to your house and play. Finally after 8 months of your persual SO finally had to get on the phone with you and tell you to leave him alone. Saying that I am upset is a huge understatement. Upset is something that you get over. I don't like you and you don't like me. We all know this so quit trying to save face infront of the councelor. We are here because you think that your daughter needs counceling and I think that the best way that you can help her is to be honest about the events that have transpired over the last year. You are the reason why contact has to be done by email. The things that you have done especially calling CPS on SO are unforgivable."

Why oh why didn't I call her out. It was perfect timing. Right in front of the councelor so that it could be documented. And would have liked to see her recover from that.