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So fed up!

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So sick of everything being about the skid I could vomit. He lived here full time last year until the loser BM moved 30 minutes away and we had a new baby. Now that he is not the center of attention he has decided he wants to live with BM. ADIOS! (silently doing the happy dance when I heard the news) I also have 2 kids from a previous marriage who are made out to be horrible by the in laws. SS9 can apparently do no wrong even tho he is constantly in trouble at home and school and he has already failed a grade. MIL talks all the time about how "Smart and advanced he is" Really lady?? My 2 older children really ARE advanced and I'm pretty sure shes just jealous bc she knows the truth. Drives me INSANE
So since the move to BM's hes been here 1 weekend (and 2 other weekends with the MIL bc BM wanted to party and didnt want us to know)...The one weekend he comes now I guess we are doing the Disneyland Dad thing...Oh SS9 can't get in trouble for being a little a-hole bc hes only with us 2 weekends a month now. Screw this! This kid is a disrespectful little demon who I cringe at the thought of him coming. I have decided to work the weekends he has his visits (which MIL thinks is a wonderful idea so that DH and SS9 can have some time) Take all the time you need bc I want nothing to do with him. Nor do I feel like my kids should have to endure it when he is there. I really have never felt such resentment towards people in my life. Esp SS9 MIL and BM. All of them deserve each other. When this kid is 20 with his mohawk and no job living on MIL couch I am going to sit back and LMAO. I informed H last night that I am moving back to my hometown in 2 years when our lease is up and he can stay or he can go but I am out of here with all the crap dealing with the constant drama and garbage has taken its toll. Had to vent Can't take it anymore. Oh and the newest development...Hives all over me...Stress anyone??

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I here you. My BS1 is more independent that SS8. I can't wait for SS8 to grow to a teen loser with a punk mouth and tell DH what a POS he is. It's coming soon. I've been a mom for awhile and we learn to spot these types of things. I do not say crap to DH. Tried that and I am being "mean". Whatever. The kid can't read, tell time, just started riding a BIKE, can't wipe his face and still rolls on the floor like a baby. NOT MY KID- THANK GOD. Dirol