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Smh..DH doesnt believe me

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This fucking kid...

Of course the OP didnt believe me and thought this was a wild story.

He will deny, but its obvious he poured this oil on the floor, purposely right in front of the sofa where someone coukd had tripped. Wanna know how i know it was done purposely?

If the body oil was "accidentally" knocked over, why didn't it seep down the sides of the leg where the puddle of oil was..its not oily at would be in one puddle..the oil was splattered all over the floor. The bottle was on the opposite side of the table from the spill.

Then had the nerve to come and say hi to me, maybe to see if I fell or something.

Evil and crazy.


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SM done in by body oil? Seriously?

How old is this kid? I suspect he could try harder if he was trying to get rid of you.

My first suspicion would be the kid saw the bottle, was messing with it and oil came from bottle as kid as 'investigating' body oil. Not that the bottle fell over and drip-drip-drip or some kid got down on his hands and knees with ill will on his mind to break a leg if not your neck.

Did the kid do it? Probably so. It'd be the how's and whys you're tagging on it, that I'd question if the story told to me. *shrugs*

If the kid is actually that mischievous, you'll catch him red handed soon enough.

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We are always making shit up because we hate their children. Learn that fast. The best way to do it is, "DH, how come you didn't pick up the oil that you spilled? I stepped right in it and could have slipped and fallen!" Always, always, always blame your DH NOT his kids. When I started doing that, suddenly it was, "I didn't do that!" and he'd go find the kids to demand why THEY did that. The key is, you never "assume" it's the kids, always "assume" it's him. That way YOU never blame his kids. But HE will when you blame him!