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SM Just for fun: "In MY perfect world......

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I love reading what you wonderful SM have to say when it comes to skids/ please DON'T hold back on this 110% honest!!!

If you could have YOUR WAY about EVERYTHING dh/skid/bm/marriage etc. related please let it out here!!!

"In MY PERFECT WORLD____________________________________"

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In MY perfect world, DH and I would've met just after I had my daughter and he never would've been married to anyone nor had SD.

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In my perfect world, my DH and I would have been each other's first (and only) spouse and we would have had our bios with each other.
The way it's supposed to be.

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I agree; however, if that were the case, I wouldn't have my daughter. Out of all the men I've ever dated or been with, DH is the only one I'd WANT to have kids with!

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Couldnt agree more! I wish we had my son together....and then stopped after him. One and DONE!!! Wink

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Lol damn!!! That is all you had to do to prevent being stuck with a shitty bm/skid(s)??!! I definitely would have put out if that were the case Wink

I definitely feel for you though...that totally SUCKS!!! Sad

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That is awful....your DH totally sucks for that! Had he not been a typical male pig you both could have avoided ALL of this bullshit you are going thru and dealing with courtesy of skids/bm!!! Sad

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My answer is the same as all of yours-that BF and I had met first and had kids together.
The hook is that he has 4 and I have 2 and theres no way in hell I would want to have more than 2 which of course means most of them would never have existed.
I wouldnt say that would be a bad thing as far as the skids go.
But then if they were all mine they wouldnt be spoiled,entitled brats like his are.

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Definitely not a bad thing as far as spoiled, bratty, skids are concerned!!! I absolutely wish my man's kid never existed!!! A girl can dream can't she.....*sigh* Sad

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I agree but if I spend too much time dreaming then that inevitable fall back into reality is sooo much more depressing. Sad
But yeah,I totaly wish they didnt exist.

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I definitely know that sucks when our dreams are sooo much better then reality...I love my man soo much but I cant help but be upset and resentful of him just bothers me that he got with and knocked up and married and stayed with such a money-grubbing, cheating whore and now we BOTH have to pay for it Sad

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I did love my man,I really dont think I do anymore.I have lost all respect for him cause he is obviously just a pussy who rolls over for his kids,at the detriment of our relationship.
That is not a 'man' to me.
And yes,it really sucks when we have to pay for their shitty decisions.

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Oh no!!! That is awful...but I definitely understand and can relate. I sometimes find myself second guessing myself with my BF and our relationship. He isnt a pushover persay, he does put ME & US FIRST above skid and bm BUT it still sucks to have to deal with the fact they exist and because they exist he gets raped in CS and he has to see him and do the daddy thing so that takes away from us time and family time etc...all in all having skids/bm in the picture PERIOD...SUCKS!!!

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Wow!!! We are in the same boat to a T!!! My BF and I both wish we had met before we both met the ones we had kids with. My BF also got with a real winner and knocked her up then married her and "stuck it out" for his kid too. 9+ years of complete misery due to his money hungry, lazy, slut, XW!!! He definitely regrets the choice he made and he is paying for it to the tune of 230.00 a week in CS for one kid!!! Plus he has to carry bm & kid on his insurance.

I am 28 and my BF is 40 so if we met any earlier (skid is 11) he would be in prison right now lol.

It totally sucks when you and the man of your dreams finally meet eachother and get together and it is AFTER you both have already had kids and are stuck with shit heads for skids and a douchebag bm Sad

Definitely makes you wish there was such a thing as a time machine or a do-over doesnt it Sad

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In MY PERFECT WORLD DH and I would have married much sooner in life, and all 3 of our kids (mine and his) would be OURS.

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In my perfect world: I so wanted to have my own bio kids and when I first met my husband he had wished he met me before his ex and the two little girls could of been ours. I so wished those two girls could of been ours. I probably would had been able to get pregnant if we met back in the late 90s.

The girls would be well taught in my method of raising and a whole lot happier because I would be a mother who would have sat down with there young ones, color in coloring books, craft up different things, helped them with their homework, teach them cooking in the kitchen, had girl time.

Their daddy in terms is good natured nothing bad about him as a father except he is a little disny dad more then anything. Least what ever would be spent would of been on our children as long as we were togeather.

We would be a whole lot further in life. There would be no courts every year and a money draining sucking bitch on our tail every moment we turn, hanging on to every part of his family just to stay in the family but then again a whole lot of this could be stopped from his family. his family is not any better. They say they stay in touch and let her come over because they want to see the kids and she just happens to include her self in. WHATEVER! I think if they so much want to see the kids they should request my husband to pick up the kids from the mom and take them to there house to visit. again WHATEVER!

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In my perfect world, there'd be no skid and no BM.

There is in fact, no reason for there to be a Skid or a BM in my life because my DH does not have any kids. So I go through all this sh*t because my Husband has a big heart and I love him. But I sorely hate that he made the choice to stay in his Ex's and her kids life. I could see if the kid existed before marriage. I could see if kid was adopted by them together. But I don't understand why he chose to be the Father once he knew it was born of an affair during his marriage and turned out to be a different race. But what's worst of all is he has to deal with the Mother who doesn't appreciate what he opted to do but instead takes it for granted and takes advantage of him. That's what makes it most annoying-- I could deal with the kid if the Mother wasn't such a sorry ass excuse of a person.

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In my perfect world...

I would have stopped DH from sleeping with BM (I had actually become friends with him a month before they had their one month fling) and knew they had a small thing going on, but I ignored it because I thought it was none of my business.

I would have, despite my original lack of interest, flirted with him (he thought I was hot, but didn't want to overstep his bounds.)

I would have tried to become his CLOSE friend sooner and faster, and when he tells me BM told him she couldn't get pregnant, to run as fast as he can.

In my perfect world, I probably would have never wanted to walk into his business and meet him, because we have both suffered due to BM.

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In a perfect DH wouldn't have the back injury he has now that prevents him from having sex!! lol He's the one in our almost 30 yr marriage who is ALWAYS horny, so this is new to me- I've never been deprived long enough to GET horny! lol