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skids not caring for your bkids!!!!

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its been long since i logged in here cause everything was calm since sd now 11 was mia for almost 2 years. now shes back and now i have another baby. both babies are mine and sds dad. one is 3 years old and the other one is 3 months old both girls and very lovable and friendly (yes even the 3 month old,,, always smiling). sd missed 2 years of my first bd and when she came back all she did was "hi bd" and that was it no hug no kiss nothing. she got to be here for my second pregnancy and not once did she want to touch my belly to feel the baby move. so second bd was born and the first time she saw her her reaction was as if she saw a weird bug. again no kiss, no "oh shes so cute, no "can i carry her" NOTHING!!! just a blank stare and walked out of the room. hubby was there to see the whole thing i think he either pretended he didnt see her reaction or he really didnt see it. hubby is a whole other story not seeing what sd does or does not do with her sisters.

well this is pretty much how sd reacts with her baby sisters when shes here, she sees them as weird bugs. last weekend she pissed me off and my sister. i went to my moms house were all my nephews and nieces were hanging out all around the same age as sd and my 3 year old. my nephews take care of each other and if the little one falls they quickly pick him up. not the case with sd who was only worried about the game and did not care if bd fell. i was inside feeding my 3 month old when all this was happening. my sister was helping out with my bd but she got really frustrated cause bd was falling or was being hit by the other boys literally in front of sd and she would do NOTHING!!! at the end bd was yanked by the arm by my older nephew(whole other story) and sd was closer and did nothing even though bd was crying in pain. i got pissed and took my kids away from there and as i am loading my kids in the truck sd is taking her sweet time with my sisters dog meanwhile bd is crying thinking sd is staying.

on sunday we are leaving the house and hubby steps out of the house first with 3 month old then sd and following her was bd. i have screen doors that bounce back really hard and only leave space between doors so that fingers dont get smashed. well sd walks out knowing bd is behind her and does not hold the door for her. i couldnt get there in time to hold it so the door smashed my baby and she fell and cried. i told sd very mad "why dint u hold the door for her" sd turns around says nothing and continues walking :jawdrop: not one apology or try to pick her up since she was crying and i had my hands full.

since sd came back form her 2 year tantrum i decided to disengage with her but after all this not caring about her sisters "oh im back" and shes gonna hear it from me. tired of hubby not saying anything to her so im gonna.