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SKID Central: Where the Rubber Meets the Road on SKID Row

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How do comedians do it? When I watch a comedian do a sketch I look at what it is they're really talking about, generally it's pain that they somehow manage to deal with by making it absurdly funny. I'm pitching the idea to StepTalkers to post here, comedians need an audience! Welcome to SKID Central: Where the Rubber Meets the Road on SKID Row. Rock on!

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Some of the things that regularly make me chuckle are the member names that some people pick.

Over the years on different communities I have seen several that have made me laugh.

SkidMark is one that always makes me chuckle when I think about it.

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And my desk is now covered with the water that I was about to swallow!!!

This poem fits BioHo to a T:

One baby daddy, two baby daddies,
Three baby daddies, four,
How many baby daddies does it take
To make you a whore?

('Ho has 5 kids by 4 men.)

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Lol. Sounds like the female version of my Skid's SpermIdiot. He has 4spawm by 3 different womb donors. My bride was the first pregnancy among his several statutory rape victims. He is 48 and still stalks young and mid teen girls. My skid can't stand the pathetic loser.

My SS is his eldest and our only.

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I love this post!
Better than Comedy Central this website in so many ways.
I was thinking earlier how many clever and truly funny people there are "on" StepTalk who have found humor in these extremely trying and sadly emotional episodes of life trying to deal with "Blended Family" issues.

The few posters thus far ARE some of the funniest and they probably have not even tried but the insulting terminology and descriptions are borne from the frustrations of their life experiences.
Rags and his "SpermIdiot Clan. Toxic Sperm Clan..LOL
Notasm has a biting wit. As does Aniki. .You,OP.

Quickly coming to mind from years of reading but not writing are :
Echo has perfected " droll "down to an Art.
Walkonby with her terms..ASSHat, Medusa, MoneyKa! Genius.
StepAside always has good advice mixed with humor.
Acra who used to be (salley ..shhhh) freaking hilarious with her avant garde humor and situations.

Sacrificial Lamb, Granny Goose,Clove, renewal-11-11...soo many more.

The entertainment industry would be so lucky to have as imaginative writers especially when one reads some of the hilarious incidents that encompass BM antics ,entitled Skids, DisneyDaddee DH's e many more who were here but left and newt to, struggling through step life.

Gotta laugh or we'd all be sobbing or crazy.

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This from wineisthecure, "What is so wrong about offering skids shiny red apples?" lol