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Sick of living in a pigsty when skids round

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I work all week and we have skids every other weekend. When they are here they leave their stuff everywhere, I understand they don't have a bedroom here because the house is too small but all I ask is for them to not leave their dirty washing on my living room floor and put their rubbish in the bin. DH seems to just turn a blind eye to it and we seem to have the same argument every month about how he doesn't tell them to tidy up after themselves.

Today I asked my SS to put his wrapper in the bin and he said 'I'll do it later' and DH just sat there. When he asks me why I'm upset and I tell him, he says I don't treat my DD the same way (which i do, I always make her tidy up after herself). This is how the conversation always goes, if I say anything about his kids then he'll try and turn it around onto mine.

I know washing on the floor isn't a big deal but I have had enough. I want to relax after a long weekend at work, I don't want to hide away in the bedroom because his kids take over my house. 

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You might not like this but here goes...

Stop asking. Tell your DH and the skids ONCE when they get there your two expectations. Do not leave laundry on the floor or anywhere but the laundry basket and trash us immediately put in the bin because your house is not a trash collection site and if they don't care, you do and you'll see it done the way you want.

They won't do it.

Then all the clothes left get put in the trash or donated. Because no one cares about them. You do NOT put your money to replace, only your DH. Then collect the trash and put it on the kitchen table, dirty dishes, etc. Then you cannot set it or have dinner until someone else cleans it.

Oh, my DH hated the table trick. I told him several times, that then it's ok to have this stuff all over the living area where I also have to deal with it? Here you can see it DH, take care of it now. He thought I was nuts but I stuck with it firmly. He never caught onto the getting rid of things tho, but it all did stop or got better...

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Time for them to be the beck and call housekeepers from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave. If they leave anything out, immediately put them to work while explaining that if they make a mess and do not clean it up, they will clean, and clean, and clean, and clean.