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Should i report husband's ex-wife for neglect??? stepdaughter is 11

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:? mother took her out of public school for home schooling that is online. hasn't done anything in 3 weeks said the online schooling kicked her out. Has her babysitting her 2 yr old sister home alone while mother drives school bus. house smells & is always dirty. Mother expects her to clean it. she has a room but doesn't sleep in it ever house is so dirty can't get to it. she needs to be in full time schooling. my thoughts on it mother isn't pushing hard enough for her daughter's schooling. she would rather have her watch her baby. she has a hidden agenda free babysitter.

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So why exactly are you here asking this question. I should think if there is one grain of salts worth of truth in this your husband the father of these children would be off at the speed of light trying to keep his children safe and protected, he should have by now reported her himself. It is his place to do this not yours. The fact that you are on here asking this would indicate he has not reported her. Why? It is his place to do so

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Yes, call CPS and have BM hauled in for neglect. Get custody and put that POS BM far in SD's rear view mirror.

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That poor child. She has a mom who neglects her and a dad who is aware of it yet hasn't done anything to protect her.

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If you do this then you might just want to give your husband a heads up, because you are overstepping the mark here. If what you say is genuine then your place is to first tell your husband if he refuses to protect his children and report her, you will. Then if you honestly believe you are right, and your husband fails in his responsibility to report her, then, and only then do you have a responsibility to report her yourself.