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Is sheldonsbiggestfan gone?

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All of his/her nasty comments appear to have disappeared from my blogs. :?

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Sally started a blog about the disappearance this morning. I don't know. I'm sorry for the crap she said to you yesterday. And the crap she said about Fruit.

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Nice to see you too, Willow!

No worries about me, Robin. I've got a super thick skin. Lions aren't bothered by the opinions of sheep! Smile

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Didn't she have different names?

PLEASE call it out if your aware she is back. People like that do not walk away. They cant---

DOGS on a bone.

Agree with you FruitSalad it is a shame!!

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I just saw a "Sheldon" picture on a name I'm not familiar with but I spend far less time here than others.

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I'm sure this "person" will probably come back under some different name. The trolls seem to do that. I'll have no problem reporting to admin again.

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GHost - you woke up the beast, she thinks she's being missed now..... shoot shoot....