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Seriously think something is wrong with SS

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SS just started middle school (6th) but behaves like a 7 or 8 yr old if that. I have a daughter who is two yrs older than SS and she NEVER had the problems SS did or does. Maybe it’s because she’s a girl. He STILL can’t tie his shoes or ride a bike without training wheels.  He wants us to cut up his food. It’s not that he can’t its more he won’t. We have tried to get SS to do these things but SS is a lazy spoiled brat and refuse to try.  If SO pushes the issue SS pitches a fit and SO drops it. One of the things that Irritates me is SS likes to play “wrestles” with SO. Its more SS jumping/climbing on SO screaming...something you would see a 4 yr old do. I’ve told SO they should do this outside or in the basement playroom but Again SS throws a temper tantrum and wants to do it right in my living room. So not only am I Subjected to listening to SS scream at the top of his lungs BUT he’s Jumping/launching off or on my couch trying to attack SO.  Its just a mater of time before something gets broke with all this rough house. Again he’s NOT a toddler doing this but a middle schooler.  We have a TON of board games but SS has zero interest. My daughter loved to read SS NEVER reads. The only way to get him to read for homework for school is to sit with him and have him read out loud as he wants daddy reading with him or he won’t do it. Basically all he wants to do is run through the house  full on with the dogs or wrestle with SO. Even watching tv or playing Video games he’s loud! Laughing mouth wide open over the dumbest thing.  SS been Diagnosed with ADHD so both bios use this as a crutch to why SS is the way he is. Jesus is this normal for a kid his age????

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My SD8 is just like this but she's 8, not 11. 

Boys tend to be more rambunctious for a longer period of time than girls so I can maybe excuse the play fighting because, as a teacher I can tell you that it takes a long time for this to stop for many boys.

The ADHD can't help either. Instead of using this as an excuse, bios need to be trying to HELP him control his behavior! 

The bike riding isnt too crazy if no one is truly practicing with him. My SDs cousins are just learning at 11.

The lack of shoe tieing and cutting food though is just ridiculous. Same with the fits. Refusing to do homework unless daddy reads it? Thats a spoiled brat.

Bios, and you, need to have a talk. This will only get worse until they put in the effort to change it. ADHD doesnt mean your child gets to run your life. Plenty of well rounded kids and adults have ADHD. They need to get it together.

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Running around screaming isn't appropriate or normal at any age IMHO.  Structure, standards of behavior, and appropriate escalating age appropriate consequences will resolve this crap.  It takes parenting to make happen.

DH needs to parent.  If SS won't cut up his own food. Let him starve, If he pitches a fit grab him my the ear, give a twist, march him to his room, close the door and leave him there.   If that does't work.... paddle meet toxic kid ass.  Lather, rinse, repeat.